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A Neopagan Celebrity Tarot (Part 1)

I don’t agree with some of these but the heat is making me cranky.

Writing and other stuff

I’m working on the illustrations for the next book which will be a collection of the Littlest Druid stories. I just need to be able to concentrate and I’m also working on some more BunniHoTep stores so I can put out More Tales of BunniHoTep. My muse is being a bit quiet since Laura AKA the Heiromum died. She left a big hole in my heart and I’m realizing how much I wrote to try and make her happy especially after she got sick.

Grief can do one or the other of two things to me, the Muse goes to sleep for a bit or I get frantic writing to deal with the grief. This time the Muse is quiet. Still processing the loss. Maybe the upcoming memorial and beach rituals will help. I’m also planning on attending the Convocation at Isis Oasis and I hope the big tree they have there will talk to me and tell me stories.

If any one who reads this blog is going, please come up and chat, I’d love to meet you.

I just updated my Author Page on Amazon with my Twitter feed. Not sure I want to add the blog but Twitter does pull the blog, so we’ll see. If you have read or bought my books and enjoyed them please go and leave a review. It really does help. Especially if you don’t have a big corporation behind you and I am definitely not J.K Rowling. Few authors of children’s stories and books are. But if you have kids or a child-like heart then perhaps you’d enjoy my stories and share them.

I’m noticing that the newest version of Microsoft’s Word has an autocorrect feature that is almost as annoying as my cell phone. I go back to look at things and know that is not what I typed. I HATE AUTOCORRECT. I need to find out how to disable it. It doesn’t always even know the correct spelling of some words and I have to keep adding Goddess names and complex words that it doesn’t know. It’s kind of dumb sometimes. Maybe it needs a Word of the Day calendar.

Today’s reading



Nine of Cups

Nature’s open-hearted, spiritual cauldron has a welcome for those who approach the waters of knowledge with a compassionate heart. They are blessed by regeneration.

… open to the generous abundance of all around… heartfelt gratitude to the gifts of life; generosity. Be open to giving and receiving. Life is flowing, and you are still and strong within yourself.