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Of course plants and animals have emotions

I posted an article on animals and emotions earlier. I always wonder why they have to do research on things anyone who has ever been around any animal knows and now there is plenty of research that plants and trees have some sort of emotional and thinking capacity. The only ones who don’t buy into it are usually those that need to exploit them in some way so think of them as things because it’s more comfortable for them to continue the exploitation than think about whether a tree or plants hurt when it’s cut down or whether their chicken dinner was killed humanely.

I have no problem killing some beings or plants for my dinner. I need to eat also and animals and plants eat each other all the time to live. But the never kill if they don’t need to eat. Even a cat won’t usually kill something when it’s full. The key is to do it with respect and to know where your food comes from because no matter what it was it was once alive.

Anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows they have emotions. You know when they are upset and cats have a myriad of ways of letting you know from the physical ( leaving a present where you’ll step on it when your feet are bare or in your bed) to the mental (Ignoring you or complaining loudly at the top of their lungs.) They can be embarrassed. (We had to shave a cat who got mats and he walked sideways to not show the shaved portion for weeks. He also used to sleep on the window and fall out on the floor and would quickly look around to see if we had seen.) They can show disgust at your stupidity by walking you to the kitchen when you are too slow to realize it’s dinner time and you may have forgotten where it was, they need to show you. Or they can decide you are too dumb to groom yourself properly and they need to show you how.

They can show amusement. My cat likes to hunt my braids when I’m asleep. A very careful single claw will carefully tease out the end of a braid and then pull suddenly and if it hasn’t woken me up in the process, more than once I have levitated in the bed and I can tell she is laughing at me. They are protective of you. Mine will go into guard mode for some reason only she knows but it’s obvious that that is what is occurring or she will nanny me and let me know it’s time for bed and I need to go soon.

They show jealousy of objects, my phone and computer, of other cats, of people. Samhain used to get between my partner and I in bed and if he was shooed out of bed would go around the room knocking things off shelves that belonged to her all the while staring at my partner to see if she was watching. And if he was locked out of the room, raise holy hell at the door until he couldn’t be ignored.

When I moved he had a heart attack from stress and I drove to the emergency room and had him revived but somehow he didn’t agree with my having done it. So a few months after the move we both lay done for a nap and I remember coming to the surface briefly and got the notion I had to go back to sleep when I finally did wake up he was laying beside me on the rug by the bed with a slight smile on his face. He’d died while we were sleeping and I have no doubt I was sent back to sleep so he could die in peace. He had been making it clear for a while he wasn’t happy in our new apartment because he couldn’t go outside and roam like he used to do. He had made it clear his whole life he was an outdoor cat and my apartment before I moved had had the screens all carefully removed in one corner so he could get out and it didn’t matter how many times I fixed them, he got out.

If you have a garden and need to prune, it’s a lot easier if you tell the plants the night before it’s going to happen. It’s a lot easier and you will be less wounded. I don’t use gloves and my hands are a lot better off when I remember to do it.
When the rogue gardeners got in our fenced yard and did wholesale plant whacking I knew when I hit the front gate without even seeing it. Pain radiated from the plants that had been savaged with no regard to whether they needed it or not. It got the gardeners banished from the yard unless we were there to watch them. I know when the garden needs water. I feel it from them.

Of course, animals and plants have emotions. Anyone who is observant should know that.

Some pagans cannot be trusted and it’s a shame

A leading member of FOI and friend of mine, Caroline Wise has been researching the Goddess, Elen of the Ways for over 30 years. She is the one who named Elen from the research she was doing and yet if you search Elen of the Ways on line you find that her research is being used and plagiarized all over the web with no attribution to her or her work. As an author that makes me crazy.

I dare you to do a search and see and some stupid woman has now stolen the researched and published it under her name and that is not right. Please do not buy the book but buy Caroline’s when it comes out soon. It’s a shame that she has to rush to put her book together because of this theft of ideas and material. Again please do not buy anything on Elen of the Ways that is not by Caroline. Linda Iles and Laura Janesdaughter have also contributed to Caroline’s research but as far as I know from Caroline no one else has.

Caroline has been very generous about sharing her research and maybe she shouldn’t have because some pagans cannot be trusted it seems not to steal and to try to make a profit on other people’s hard work. I’m disgusted.