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Handlebear and elfkat

I'll miss you always.
I’ll miss you always.

This picture was when Cam was one and I’m about to be three. He’s very blond here. It’s one of my favourite pictures. And it makes me feel like a proud big sister especially since someone must of trusted me to take Cam somewhere because at the time I was blind in my left eye and was partially sighted in the right eye. That’s why I’m looking down.


Lie Lightly Sweet Prince

This afternoon Cameron Alexander Robb went to join out ancestors and will no longer be in pain. He left behind many who loved him well including his sisters Alison and Mary Beth and his partner Scott. He laughed often and loved much and left a beautiful garden patch.

Blessings and safe journeying baby brother.

I’m grateful you were my brother.

I just love yellow flowers and since our garden is mostly shade it sure makes things brighter and cheerier. Dare I say gayer? Besides the name of this one I like to say – Crocosmia. It just sounds fun.


Looks peaceful, doesn’t she? Hard to believe this is the thing that I fear most of tangible things. So swans are how I face my other fears of the moment that are much less tangible and much bigger. Strange how the mind and heart work.

Why am I terrified of swans? Because when I was five Daddy took me down to Forest Lawn to visit his aunt’s and uncle’s graves. And let me visit the swans. He told me not to stick a finger out and I did anyway.(in typical fashion, he did call me Mary, Mary quite contrary). Anyhoo I was quite badly bitten and bloody and needless to say didn’t get a lot of sympathy from Dad.

Hey it was twice my size and really pretty. Who knew something of such beauty could be so bad tempered?