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#RealLiveTransAdult – hashtag now trending

As a lesbian, this is just creepy

stop trans chauvinism

We are glad when trans activists make a point of letting younger, gender-confused people know that they needn’t expect to suicide or be killed. Most murdered trans-identifying people are of color or in prostitution – very often both. The ‘may very well die young’ narrative has manipulative potential for short-term trans activist goals, but is heartless towards the general wellbeing of trans-identifying people. However, suicidal behaviour in young people who are confused about their sexuality or biological sex (homophobia often causes the latter)  is worryingly high.

But the hashtag is also being used for the self-promotion of very dodgy individuals.

morgan page real live trans adult

Sounds great, right? But this is what some of Page’s ‘community organizing’ has involved. In early 2012, Page ran a workshop restricted to those born male (who could identify as a woman or genderqueer) who felt that lesbians’ refusal to have sex with them was a denial of their…

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