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Chris Christie versus Rand Paul — quick, make some popcorn!

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Well, could this possibly get any better? Two politicians who represent varying degrees of reprehensibility going after each other. I suppose on a reprehensibility index of 1 to 10, with 10 being more douchebaggy than anyone else in American politics (let’s keep this a small dataset), Paul is at 10, right up there with James Inhofe, and Christie would be what, a six? Five? Hard to say. I’m going to naturally be more sympathetic to a Jersey guy like Christie than a cracker like Paul. Even though Paul was right about drones, he’s wrong about just about everything else. And it was hard not to feel for Christie when he looked just slammed by the devastation of the Jersey shore, as if Sandy had it in for him personally. Only people like Paul, who were born without that gene that gives the rest of us empathy, could, and would, criticize…

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M is for Music in ritual

M is for Music in Ritual

Maybe because I was raised in a musical household but I could not do any sort of ritual without music even solitary rituals need music.

Music changes the atmosphere and casts sacred space faster and more immediately than the spoken word. Music takes you out of your right brain and into the creative brain from the moment it starts. It makes you shift gears without a jarring disengagement.

Our coven has always written its own music even if it’s bastardizing Yule carols besides using chants we have gathered on the way. It’s a very organic part of ritual and sometimes even happens during ritual spontaneously.

TOILA has always had a lot of talented music makers. So it comes naturally to sing together and to create chants and songs. At the very least we always have the Knot of Isis chant but we always include music, sometimes with drumming sometimes not. We sang for the Heiromum when she was dying and it calmed her and soothed her when the drugs weren’t working as fast as we would have liked.

Even if you think you can’t sing you should be including music. Music comes from the heart and that is all that matters, where your heart is. Head is not as important, thinking too much puts you back in the right/logical brain and you will find it much more difficult to find sacred space and to raise energy.

Thanks to the internet it’s a lot easier to find chants and songs to use in ritual. You can find Robert Gass, Moving Breath, Reclaiming, Laura Power, Libana, Emerald Rose and others on Amazon as well as others or on CD baby or Ladyslipper.

But should you be inclined there is non-pagan music to use such as soundtracks or Celtic music or old 60’s folk music or camp music and things like John Denver or others from that era.

There really is no excuse for not using music in ritual other than lack of imagination and very few pagans suffer from that.

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Knight of Stones

Revered as a ruthless tracker and hunter, the wolf has had a special symbolism for thousands of years and was the subject of ancient Pictish stone carvings.

Comfortable in the dark and cold of winter, it was seen as a guardian of the dead on their journey through the night to the Otherworld.

This card is one of guardianship. Someone who is essentially protective, a loyal companion on long journeys, who remains their own person. A defender of your boundaries, leaving you safe to withdraw from the world. A provider, but one who is not tied to a life at home, but is restless. Their power needs matching to hold them.