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I’m not having a birthday this year!

The day I was born is allegedly in a day and a half. I say allegedly because I’m contemplating pretending I’m not having one. Not because I’m afraid of getting older. I don’t look or act my age now nor do I intend to ever act my age. If I acknowledge this birthday I have to acknowledge I’m a year farther away from Cam. If I ignore it I won’t miss the fact that I’m not getting my annual silly phone call from the big lug. That he didn’t pick the one weird thing on my Amazon Wish List to give me, the one I always mean to take off and forget to before he would get to it.

I have to know he won’t be a year and a half behind me in age anymore.

I miss him…



Is it possible to tell exactly what year a woman graduated high school by her hair and makeup? Is it like reading tree rings for age? I make this observation after seeing a bubble haired woman of my age or older on the freeway. Where, oh, where can you still get that weird light pink lipstick?

My hair, while I do wear it in an old fashioned way is NOT the way I wore it in high school and since I don’t ever wear makeup you can’t get me on that charge. Who would want to look like frelling 1972?

However I can show the scary way I was wearing it in 1978. Keep in mind this was an accident. It was supposed to be a light wave but the phone rang and the girl answered it and spent time talking to her boyfriend and I ended up with a “fro”. My mom said I looked like a fuzzy match stick and dad said one word – hidious.

Oh well…

This weekend was just not long enough. Saturday we made a raid on the Highland Games. It was a really wierd weather day. It rained, it was windy then the sun came out and then it got dark again and windy. Got some cool Celtic knotwork outfits to wear for ritual. One is a pair of wraparound pants like I had in the ’70’s but much cooler. I finally got the t-shirt with the Thor’s hammer on it that Michael our clan president does. Got a wonderful velvet shawl with the river goddess on it I will have to protect with my life if I want to keep it. We did the Clan March which was totally ridiculous since we just marched around the outside vending areas. I felt like a pre-schooler in a Halloween costume parade. At first, it was just Ali and I and our cousin Stacy. (I’m so glad you came sjogirl52!) Then the lovely Denise and Mary joined us. We kept splitting and reforming groups. Ali met some of her friends and Tiger and Marilyn were running around too.

Ali and Stacy discovered the dog agility trials they were having and the 3 of us went over there to watch for awhile. I wonder if they allow cats to compete? I bet Liath could do it better than some of those dogs. THe border collies tho are always quite scary good at it as opposed to the Labs who are just big goofballs.

My back was finally giving out about 3 so we left and went out to dinner with my wonderful Aunt Barbie at the Northwoods Inn. I had to keep bringing the candle over to see. I occasionally like to see my food.

Sunday – My back was totally out. So we didn’t use our 2 day passes. Sigh!

Monday – We took the the trike out and I rode a little over 3/4 of a mile. We tried to get Liath to stay in the basket but I guess that will take time. Why do people laugh when they see a trike? Every darn car that passed me the people were cracking up. Anyway, I was having fun. Is there a person on this earth that doesn’t look like a dork in a bike helmet? Even Lance looks like a dork in one. I hit a pothole and something shifted in my spine and I actually feel a bit better now. And Ali was being so good about pointing them out too and I still ended up in one which really hurt for a second and then felt better so maybe I should have driven into a few before, maybe not. Ali kept doing a play by play off her bike computer with distance and speed. She can stop that anytime. I ordered my own bike computer. I was doing a whopping 4.5 mph. Such a speed demon! But it was fun and if I’m feeling okay tonight we may take a short spin before dark.