Archive | September 21, 2013

Happy month of the vine

Vine is about prophetic powers and truth. The saying in vino veritas speaks about the power and effects of wine. The image of the vine tells us that logic may not always be the answer and to listen to your intuitive side.

And yes, I know Robert Graves probably made it up. So what. One word for you, BunniHoTep.

Commentors beware!

I see I’m going to have to amend my commenting rule page. Last night I got some incredibly ignorant and stupid and historically and scientifically inaccurate comments from knuckledragging right wing Evangelic Xtian white male prehistoric relics.

I should not read these when I have the stomach flu but that’s beside the point. Post that kind of crap and you will be deleted.  It’s not a debate AND if you really are abusive I’ll consider hexing.

Time for more tea and demerara.