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She would have been 123 today – Happy birthday Grandma!



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The Aretalogy of Isis from Maroneia


My friend, Laura Janesdaughter, has indeed passed into the embrace of Isis. She was and is a great lover of the Goddess and a mentor of priestesses. She died at dawn on Memorial Day, surrounded by priestesses chanting for her and reading into her ears words from the sacred books. I could not wish for a better death. Goodbye, sweet priestess and teacher and friend.

Today’s post is dedicated to Laura.

Let us talk today about the aretalogy of Isis from a place called Maroneia. It is in the very northernmost part of Greece, in Thrace near the Bulgarian border. In legend, the city of Maroneia was founded by Maron, who some say was a son of Dionysos and some say was a son of Osiris (remember the close connection between these Gods). In ancient times, Maroneia was famous for producing nearly magical wines; hence the Dionysos-Osiris connection, no doubt.

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