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It’s nice to finally have health insurance

Now that I have a job and health insurance I went for my first physical in 5 ½ years. She was relieved and impressed that my A1c was normal for a diabetic and when she mentioned that, I told her that when you don’t have insurance and your meter died two years ago you can’t afford to be stupid. My cholesterol was too high but it always is just barely so I’m going back to taking niacin which I was doing for my ears anyway. I did find out I have lost 25 lbs in the last year without dieting. She started to go on about dieting until I showed her a picture of me at 30 where I was seriously underweight, that discussion ended quickly. It always does when I started showing the pictures where you can see all the tendons in my neck and how big my head looks on my neck. Funny, how they don’t want to tell people who used to look anorexic to go on a diet. Which is very good because I refuse to diet, ever, I’ll walk more but I will never diet. I was harassed all the time I was growing up for weighing too little by doctors and was prescribed all sorts of nasty things that were supposed to give me an appetite and nothing ever has and I refuse to be harassed as an adult for allegedly weighing too much. That doesn’t count all the iron for anemia, the drinking of gelatin because I supposedly lacked calcium that was really dumb since I drank milk like it was going out of style and it was milk that was with cream or whole milk. If I hadn’t had calcium in my bomes I would have broken a hell of a lot more bones in gymnastics that I did and the only thing I ever broke were things that were in the wrong place at the wrong time like fingers, toes and tailbones. It’s hard not to break a finger when you land on it. I broke tallman finger at least 4 times in sports.

It’s nice to have a job that you enjoy and it’s really nice to be able to go to the doctor when you need it. I lived in fear for the last few years that something would go terribly wrong and I wouldn’t be able to go. It’s a god thing I’ve already had my appendix, a hysterectomy and my gall bladder out because there isn’t much else you can take out without being in need of a transplant or a joint replacement. My sister says I should rattle like the Tin Man on my right side since most has been removed.
And it’s nice that my insurance copy thinks that things like new glasses and new glucose meters should be free to their employees because if we use them they have a more productive employee. All preventive care is free. I like that a lot.

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Page of Stones

The colours of the goldcrest -red, white, green and black -were once held to be sacred and the common wren was considered a guardian of the winter mysteries. Druids kept wrens as totem animals of augury and prophesy and ritually sacrificed them on St Stephen’s Day (26 December).

Someone who speaks with a quiet but persistent voice of secrets and mysteries that elude others, who may be shy, and underestimated; but should not be overlooked.

Someone who loves nature, and is gently aware of its subtleties, and has ‘their ear close to the ground’. Being silent to hear the inner voice of your heart.