Rules for commenters, trolls and Daleks

Be nice!

I have a right to my opinions and you telling me I’m stupid isn’t going to change them.

I do not go on other people’s blogs and leave nasty comments because you have a right to your opinions on your blog.

If I reply and give my opinion and you don’t like it, do not call me a troll, you left the comment to start.

If it’s regarding a language I speak fluently including slang and colloquialisms and you want to correct what you believe to be incorrect, because you read the dictionary definition, pull the other one.

You don’t have to like what I write, you have the right to do that – go read somewhere else.

If you want to pick a fight – go somewhere else.

If you are heterosexist or lesbiphobic – go somewhere else.

If you can’t be constructive or educational – go somewhere else.

If you want to bash anyone – go say how horrid I am on your own blog.

People I know personally have a right to comment logically and calmly. People I don’t know and are nasty can go bury themselves in a small airless box somewhere in a cow pasture. You will go to the digital equivalent of oblivion, may the blink angels find you.

If your reading comprehension skills need a brush up, I recommend the SRA reading system. It will help greatly.

If I manage to piss you off, consider that I may have been trying to get you to think. I’m a contrarian and sometimes I enjoy saying things to make people think. I, however do not get personal. I never throw stones directly at anyone. Sometimes I write things to see how I am thinking. I am also not PC when it comes to groups like MRAs and other groups of bullies, tough luck if you want me to be. I also never say anything I wouldn’t say to the person’s face. Can you say the same?

If you leave something nasty and block your return email – you are a coward and will be deleted.

Lastly, I’m a MacFarlane and the moon in Scotland is called MacFarlane’s Lantern for a reason. Thogail nam Bo theid sinn. You will never see me coming.


19 thoughts on “Rules for commenters, trolls and Daleks

      • This is just a thought, but maybe if you tried to articulate your thoughts in a less abrupt manner, you’d receive a better response. For instance, I only read one of your entries (the one on Lent). You would most likely have been successfully in getting me to “think” had the entry been less marinated in “screw-you-pagans-who-practice-lent-you-don’t-even-know-what-it-means-to-be-a-pagan!” sauce. It’s not that the idea you were conveying was bad, but it seemed that you, at least subconsciously, were trying to get a “rise” out of people versus trying to make them “think.” Maybe getting your intentions in order first (do you actually want to get a rise or do you want to make them think?–both are kickass but rarely successfully co-exist) and then going from there. I only state this because I’m very guilty of this very thing, lol. You have shown me a mirror, which I greatly appreciate. 🙂 ❤ Much love!


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