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In 2007, Elfkat resolves to…

Tell my family about books.
Backup my dyke regularly.
Volunteer to spend time with goddesses.
Overcome my secret fear of elves.
Cut down to ten pirates a day.
Find a new rpg.

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My family does not need to be told about books LOL. Back up my dyke???? we really don’t need plumbing problems. I needed a good laugh. No volunteering needed to spend time with my goddesses. Afraid of Elves?????


January Holidays

+————— Bizarre Holidays in January ————–+

January 1 is Get a Life Day

January 2 is Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

January 8 is National Joy Germ Day

January 16 is Get to Know Your Customers Day

January 19 is Penguin Awareness Day

January 21 is Rid The World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day

January 21 is also Squirrel Appreciation Day

January 22 is Answer Your Cats Questions Day

January 27 is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

January 30 is Inane Answering Message Day

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I haven’t been posting because I really haven’t had the time to sit and think. This is the crazy time of year at work. States pass new laws that are effective on 1/1. New accounts get written and the majority of our accounts rollover to the new year. Soooo we are busy, busy, busy.

Anyway, my coven’s solstice ritual was lovely and calming and just what I needed and I had the best night of sleep I’d had in weeks. Too many crazy things going through my brain and I keep waking up. So thank you Gaias even if I did sleep through the guided meditation and thank you for all the lovely solstice gifts. My calendars seemed to be a welcome gift and I had fun doing them. I used a lot of the nature photos I’ve taken since I got my digital camera. I love my camera. Since I got it, it has put the joy back in photography which for awhile I was thoroughly sick of. I actually went a day early due to the fact that I’m a dummy or my trifocals had made me read the wrong line on the calendar. Oh well.

I had to go out Saturday to pick up the calendars I’d made for a person at work. He has decided to be adopted into our family and wanted some of our old photos in his calendar plus all the nature ones.

We went to see Mom before our family dinner yesterday. She scared the crap out of Alison and I. She hasn’t spoken to us for a long time when we have visited and we thought she couldn’t. So we have gotten in the habit of not being answered when we talk to her. When she answered a question yesterday it gave us quite the start. Plus she had her eyes wide open and most of time lately she has just kept her eyes shut. There was nothing in her catheter and when I kissed her my lips burned for a long time so she is getting worse.

Then we went out to my Aunt’s house and had a lovely day with my aunt and cousins. I had fun giving them the calendars I had made with all the family photos. And Ali got her afghan after my Aunt had pulled her leg about not being able to finish it. Ali has a complex about unfinished gifts. Mom started a Teddy bear for her when she was born and 43 years later we still have it in pieces. Mom never finished it. At least she finished her Raggedy Ann and Andy. My Aunt B saved it for last and gave it to her last after giving us each a box in age order so Ali was last. Her face was priceless. And it’s beautiful, three shades of green.

I spent my Amazon gift certificate, J and C, first thing this morning on my Amazon wish list before I entered the Oregon parity frae. We had to be finished before noon tomorrow and I just finished. I love Amazon Prime so much, they lose money on our house big time.

We had a yummy dinner and add a good time catching up but we missed Cam. I made the picture I posted of him December for next year on the calendar. Maybe by then it won’t make me cry when I look at it too long. So we will have Santa bear for our calendar pinup. He would have like that I think.

I’ll catch up with the comments some time soon when I can breathe. Now I have to go beard MetLife in its den.