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Cool way to do timing



Change in the Title Header

Yes, I changed the name on the header. Hedgewitch just wasn’t quite fitting anymore and I have to admit I’m a little proud of being consecrated an Arch Druidess and by adding it to the title, I’ll hopefully live up to the title since part of me still can’t believe I am one. Thirty years of being a practicing pagan and I still feel like I learning so much every day.

It’s funny how the little kid inside is the one who does the magic best but is also the one who doesn’t believe it when you get a title of any sort. As far as she is concerned, she is still playing in the mud and hopping puddles and wishing on dandelions. She still looks up trees to see if anyone is home and marvels at all the colours in the leaves. She sees the Green Man in the bush and the tail of Brighid’s robe as she disappears ahead of her around a corner. She still watches bubbles float and the colours swirl across their surfaces. She still puts her face to the wind and looks for shapes in clouds and in pieces of fallen bark. She still dreams even at almost 60 years old and she laughs at the title.