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I have a daisy on my toe….



All Hail my Kindle in ritual

Okay, yes, I’m in love with my Kindle but I’ve discovered it’s one of the best ritual tools I’ve found in a long time especially if you have bad eyesight. Nothing is worse than being in ritual and having to read something aloud and be flipping pages in the ritual order or lose your place in the dark in the ritual order. All Hail my Kindle. I can make the type large enough to see to read aloud!

All Hail the light in the dark when in a dark room with only candles lit on the altar or the fire before you and not behind you. All hail the ability to quickly edit when something goes wrong right before ritual. All Hail making ritual more accessible to all participants.

All Hail the ability to share things quickly if there is wifi access. I’m going to be doing a Chapel service at our camp reunion in a few weeks. Since they are letting the Arch Druidess do morning chapel at our formerly Catholic girl’s camp, (it’s now a Lions kid’s camp) I want to look like I’m prepared when leading the service. I’m doing a couple of my nature prayers. Singing a few camp nature songs like Birthright and maybe read one of my stories like the Heart Town Witch or maybe one of the nature stories or maybe just maybe a Littlest Druid story like the Littlest Druid makes a friend. A Kindle will make that so much easier. I’m probably going to have to print the prayers for others to read but having the whole thing on Kindle with keep the fumbling to a minimum, I hope. We have wifi at camp but not at the chapel just in the Dining Hall.

We have amazingly diversified in religion since our camp days. I used to be the only non Catholic in the bunch, now we have a couple of flavours of Buddhism, some Catholics still and a few nones and me the Druid. So no mass on Saturday morning just a service about the beautiful forest we will be in and the love we still share for camp and each other.

Today’s reading


Knight of Stones

Revered as a ruthless tracker and hunter, the wolf has had a special symbolism for thousands of years and was the subject of ancient Pictish stone carvings.

Comfortable in the dark and cold of winter, it was seen as a guardian of the dead on their journey through the night to the Otherworld.

This card is one of guardianship. Someone who is essentially protective, a loyal companion on long journeys, who remains their own person.

A defender of your boundaries, leaving you safe to withdraw from the world.

A provider, but one who is not tied to a life at home, but is restless. Their power needs matching to hold them.