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Reality check on the Blue Moon – It’s not a pagan event

I think I’m about to commit heresy but to a pagan of Celtic leanings I’m afraid getting excited about a made astronomical non-event does not excite me. Why is it a non-event? Because the year used to consist of 13 lunar months until the Church and Rome decided 12 was better for everyone else. So if you are on a lunar calendar there are no blue moons unless of course, there is a volcanic eruption and the moon really does turn blue

So in reality it’s a modern Christian thing to get all worked up celebrating and I for one am not buying into it. It’s just another full moon in the calendar. And one if you read the articles I posted was a mistake on top of it. So I hate to burst your bubble but it’s just another full moon sabbat and the one before a bright orange harvest moon which I find much more intriguing personally.