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M is for memories of Magic worked – a Pagan blog post

I hesitate to write about this one because we were so stupid and arrogant and young when we did this.

Back in the 1986, this was right about when we were bringing the coven into being and being very full of ourselves we thought we would help a friend. This friend didn’t end up joining the coven even though she had attended most of the study groups and rituals in the year before. She was one of those people who attracts trouble like a magnet and I now know it’s because she does it on purpose.

At the time she said she had an evil boss and if he was doing the things like making her sleep with him and she said he was pretty bad. She said she had done some past like regression over it and he had been an evil wizard or shaman and had hurt her before. Now from the grand height of almost 30 years later I know that we should have been more than a little suspicious of this convenient and woo-woo explanation but we bought it hook line and sinker, and planned a grand ritual to cast out the evil shaman from her life.

One of the members and soon to be my partner was house sitting up at the top of Topanga Canyon at a house so remote they had to fly the hot tub in by helicopter. Yes, the people she was house sitting for were very well off.

Well, we planned this wonderful ritual for a time of year that was a bit chilly (January) and the hot tub had been off for a while so that is where the comedy of errors began. We decided to do this outside with a ritual bath in the cold out tub first. Didn’t I say we were young and stupid?

Now we were freezing and as I recall we still thought practicing skyclad was a good idea. Never seen that many goosepumps in my life.

We were out on the deck starkers in a canyon on a mountain with a breeze blowing. Since some of the group works at CalTech you would have thought we had a few brains but no. We called the corners and lit our black banishing candles and started to cast this alleged entity out of her life. We tried to throw it into the fires of the south and it ended up throwing one of our covensisters in the south to the floor and since she was prone to strokes at the time this was not a good thing. It took us awhile to put her back together and we all started to feel a little ill. That should have been a good time to stop and maybe re-think the whole thing but no, it made us even more determined to throw the evil out. I have no idea who or what came when we were doing this but whatever it was, was big and nasty and pissed and could simply have been a local nature spirit. And we kept going…

We made some object she was supposed to take somewhere and destroy. I can’t remember what the hell it was but we ended the ritual and I know I was feeling sick by then but that might have been being naked on a mountain top in the middle of a canyon messing with things in no mood to be messed with. Most people spent the night. I somehow made it home. I, no longer remember how the hell I got home or who I went with.

I was in the process of moving out of my parent’s home at that point so I went home to bed. A mornings or two later my mother insisted I come down to see the Space Shuttle take off because a teacher was going into space. Well, as you know the Challenger blew up. Totally freaked me out. Number one, how did my mom do that? She hadn’t made me get up for one since I was a kid. But she always seemed to know when big news was going to happen. And number 2, had we done that? Yeah, our egos were a bit involved especially when we found out this friend we had done this huge banishing ritual for had not destroyed the object we had made because she wasn’t sure if magic worked. Now I know it was probably a coincidence that the space shuttle blew up from ‘o’ ring failure and cold and no way a bunch of inexperienced geeky witches working magic we had no business working brought down a space shuttle but every once in a while….


Fair is fair

I saw someone comment that they didn’t like Brave because they thought Merida was spoiled because she was a princess and didn’t want to get married. My answer to that was were they going to do that to the boys too? Because if they weren’t unfair and she isn’t spoiled, at least not in that sense. She may not have made the wisest choice but if she had there wouldn’t be a story.

It also reminded me of something from when I was little. When I was small my dad used to let me run around with my little brother shirtless. I was not a particularly feminine looking girlie girl. One day when I was around 5 or 6 Mom decided I had to wear a shirt while playing because girls wore shirts. I had nothing to show, hell I had no boobs really until I was in my 20s and not much then until I stopped gymnastics.

Anyway, I threw a fit. If I had to put a shirt on then my brother had to put a shirt on or I was not going to do it. Mind you this took place at full volume out in the yard. Finally, my Dad stepped in and made us both put shirts on. From then until a lot later we both had to wear shirts.

It was the only way to do it fairly as far as I was concerned.

The same with marriage if you are going to make the girl the prize in a contest then you sure as hell better make your sons a prize to be won too. But who would want those “three yon wee devils”?