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We’re Bards

We had our Barding ceremony on Sunday. Two of us, the Heiromum and myself were supposed to go out to the Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge compass and call Clamproir_mary and bansagart and do it in a techno-pagan conference call. Best laid plans and all that, it was pouring. It was supposed to rain early Saturday and clear up Sunday. The weather people were wrong. It held off until Sunday morning after midnight and let loose. Since the Refuge is closed when it rains because the city objects to having to rescue people by helicopter who get trapped out there. Funny that…

Anyway we did it by Skype again and it still worked and I don’t know about the others but I felt it settle in and is still settling in. This one was my ritual to write and I think it was a fairly credible attempt, Mary and Denise do the next one. The Heiromum did the Companion one and will one after that.

For some reason this is all mixed in my head with all the Tongva stuff that I keep tripping over. I don’t believe in coincidence so there has to be a reason. The last thing was the Tongva village out at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens where we are taking our Spring walk in 2 weeks. And where we plan to have the next Hazelwood Grove companion ritual if people are interested in joining our merrie band of Hazelwood nuts.

Did you know the Tongva, they are main tribe that inhabited our area from Glendale and to the east, had 4 sacred mountains? They were Mt Baldy, Mt San Gorgonio also known as Greyback, Mt San Jacinto and Saddleback peak. I’ve been up 3 of the 4. Never done Saddleback. They also have Tongva Peak in Glendale that we spent a lot of time climbing around as a kid above Brand Park. It was one of those things we didn’t tell our parents about until after we did it. And we had all our Camp Fire Meetings down below it.


I got the proofs for my book and thanks to the Heiromum and her sharp eyes and my own going over it, I have been making corrections. I have to say that holding that book in print even though it’s a proof is the most magical thing. I didn’t expect it to be but it is.

It’s now all desecrated with all kinds of highlight colours but it’s still magical. It’s my book! With my name on the front and my art work! Somehow it’s more real than the electrons I sent on the way to Kindle and I do have to fix the errors in that one too. I apologize for that if you bought it. I had to re-write the scarab story for violating the space/time continuum. Oops!

But I’m still getting a thrill just looking at it