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Why Circle News? Why not?


For anyone who is not familiar with Circle News AKA Circle Network News to us old farts, I highly recommend it. It has lots of good stuff in it. The current issue is on Ritual and you can even download it to your Kindle for $5 an issue.

I met Selena and Dennis at my first Harvest Moon in 1984? Or 1985. A long time ago anyway and just fell in love with her working style at the 2nd Harvest Moon our coven did our first workshop and women’s ritual and was honoured to have her attend. And considering my coven is crazy and she went along with everything, she is awesome in my book.

As an aside, my coven over the years we did the public women’s ritual did things like one on Power tools and used things like electric corn poppers to call Air and a child’s lawn mower for Earth, another year we used Wonder bread. We had a hippie anti-war one for Operation Desert Storm, we had a Primordial Soup one and I was supposed to be the Goddess Julia Child creating the soup but somehow morphed into the Swedish Chef. Everyone had to throw ingredients into the soup and create the universe. Another year we were all the goddess and we (the coven) had made driver’s licenses for all the women with a piece of mylar for the portrait section to be a mirror and put the words to The Pretenders Hymn to Her on the back so they had a teeny tiny song sheet. So our rituals could get a bit wild and the women always went home with something. One year it was acorns, another Fimo glow in the dark moons and of course the Goddess licenses. People still tell me they have them on their altars and it’s been over 20 years since most of them.

So the fact that Selena enjoyed the crazy rituals was a big thing to a brand new coven with bright shiny new witches and not the old and gray ones we are now. It look me a long time to think about sending my stuff in. Who knows next might be SageWoman or some other pub.

Prayer for an early spring morning

Prayer for an early spring morning

I ask the blessing and protections of the day for all those I love

Blessings and protection from first morning light

Through the passage of the day to twilight

And all through the night until dawn’s first light

Blessings of the first shy daffodil

Exuberance of the flowering redbud tree

Cheer of the yellow daisied euryops

Freshness of the blooming rosemary

Farewell from the last of the flowering pear blossoms

Sweetness of the budding lemon tree

Greeting from the mockingbird’s calls from the tree

Healing from the chill morning breezes

Clarity of the shining, piercing blue of the morning sky

Be with me this day as I go my way

Bless my tongue

Bless my heart

Bless my feet

Through our this day until I arrive home at night.

Kat Robb 2015

Why the Knot of Isis?

Laura Janesdaughter always held the “Knot of Isis” prayer from the Egyptian book of the dead also known as the “Book of Coming Forth by Day” was a healing prayer. We (TOILA) closed most rituals saying it together while holding a red ribbon. When you were ordained you got to keep the ribbon used in your ceremony and were supposed to cut it into pieces and share it with those that needed it.

When we put on a weekend workshop and retreat many years ago Laura asked Diana, Denise and Jeni to set it to music and they did and that is what you hear on the video. When Jeni moved away and then Denise and Mary moved up North and Diana moved to Florida. I was the only one left to sing it and lead it for many years. It’s why the video came into being.Laura asked me to make it so we wouldn’t lose it and because people were always asking for it.

Laura had you sing it when you needed comfort or hope or help. When I was unemployed so long she would remind me to sing it or just ask if I had and I had been usually morning and night. Laura was convinced if you sang the prayer it would be answered and it always was. Maybe not as quickly as you would like, being humans we are an impatient bunch and Isis’ time is not our time. Laura even created a webpage dedicated to the prayer and gathered stories about it.

When she was in hospice and the first time we visited she was having difficulty breathing and was getting agitated I started to sing it and the others joined in and her breathing eased and she calmed down. We would continue to sing for her all that week until she passed and I know it comforted her. I’ve been singing it for myself lately and for the last few days for Mary and Denise. If for no other reason than that we hold the prayer so dear to all of us and our shared lives. So today, I’m singing it again for the love in our small Grove and the safety of Mary in surgery and for Denise as she waits. I sing it with love and I know Diana is probably singing it too.

At the end of the universe
A blood red cord
Binds life to death and will to destiny
Let the knot of that red sash
Bind us together
Cradling our hips and weaving all our dreams.

(Chours) We are the knot where the whole world meets
Red magic passes through our veins
Magic of magic
Spirit of spirit
We are the power of Isis

We are bound mind to mind
We are bound heart to heart
Heaven in one hand
Earth in the other
We will walk in harmony


Give us not consolation
Give us Magic!
Give us the spell of living well
Give us Magic!

Chorus and
We are the power of Isis
We are the power of Isis
We are the power of Isis

A Prayer for M and all who wait with her

Watch over her as she goes into surgery
Breathe for her and with her
Wrap your wings around her
Keep your tyet tight around her
Kwan Yin
Wash her in your healing water
Show your compassion to those who wait
Guide her footsteps in the dark
Until she awakes back with us
Guide the knife as the doctors do their work
Heal her so she can go home again
Green Man
Keep her safe and watch over her
Watch over us as we wait
Guard and guide on the Ways
You are our map and path
Give her strength and will
To do what she need to do
Grant us the wisdom to see
And the wisdom to speak or not to do it

We ask all in love and in the best of intentions
For whatever outcome will be the best
And keep out hearts strong for they can break all too easily
We ask for peace, we ask for peace, we ask for peace.