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My 2 loves – glass and jewelry




I’m a big Slug

I’m on my own this weekend because Ali is spending the weekend at the Xena convention. I used to go but I burned out on it a while back. So I went to the movies yesterday. I went and saw “Arthur and the Invisibles” which I found charming. It says the characters are Patrice Garcia’s but they look like they are drawn by Brian and Wendy Froud. I love their artwork of faeries. Davis Bowie voiced the bad Minimoi and the character “M” looked eerily like him. Even if they borrowed a bunch from a ton of other stories I found myself charmed into their world and throughly enjoyed it.

I treated myself to lunch at Fuddruckers and a trip to Toy R Us for some of the Dragonology dragon action figures and a stuffed Wyvern. Then came home and turned on the heat and settled in with hot chocolate and a murder mystery. Today I watered after it warmed up and read some more. Tomorrow I have tickets to the Getty Villa. I hope it isn’t too cold out in Pacific Palisades. It supposed to be very windy and have a high wind chill.

It’s 27 degrees at 8 am

Wohhoo~ It’s really cold here, really, really cold for Southern California. And last night it was even colder and I had to open the window because I was having hot flashes. That’s just not right! My cat who is not a snuggler was under the covers. She never does that.

But I just glided down the hockey rink, err.. side walk and took pictures. This just doesn’t happen here. There is a reason my grand- granparents moved their families to California. My great- grandma said that living in Duluth was colder than Sweden where they came from and she was damned if she was living some place colder than there.


Its really, really cold here and before you declare Californians wusses, please note that our houses often aren’t insulated or if they are it’s minimal at best. That coupled with lots of big uninsulated big glass windows makes for a butt cold house. I just went out and put sheets over the roses and azaleas. The camelias and the tangerines are on their own. And one of the camelias is covered with blooms. I’m glad I don’t live in Lancaster it’s going to be 13 there tonight. Its only supposed to be in the high 20’s here.


Tualan and whine

I’m not supposed to move my head much. Yeah right. I’m finding it a bit difficult. I keep nodding yes and no when people ask questions and moving my head while I’m using the computer. Then I get whizzy. I’m feeling very tualan (Gaelic for: iF I get any more dizzy I’m going to hurl). It’s like being car-sick in your head not quite as bad as labrynthitis but almost. Wheee!

Alison called and her toilet broke. Just what we need with a house guest.

I think I’m going to see if I can leave early and inhabit the couch at home after I do my errands at Target and the grocery store.

Please feel free to bring cheese for my whine. I prefer aged No. European cheeses. Might as well get a migraine too. Can’t tell the difference anyway and I’d enjoy it.

But I put my bi-weekly Amazon order in. I must make the recomendations computer short out with the stuff I read because sometimes it gives me the weirdest stuff. And I ordered a pair of red shoes from Lands’ End among other things. And I ordered a movie ticket for tomorrow hope the neck can do it. I’m going to go see “Arthur and the Invisibles”. I wanted to see “Miss Potter” but that is only playing in Beverly Hills and no way I’m going there.

Not that bad

Thanks to all for the good wishes and thoughts. I evidently, “tweaked ” his word, the insertion point of the trapezious muscle into the base of the skull. I’m not supposed to move my head too fast or too violently and to use ice and he gave me more muscle relaxants and pain killers and to drive in the slow lane, yeah right. He said that I had to be careful because I could pass out, oops guess nausea isn’t that bad.

On the good side, I’ve somehow lost another 8 pounds.

Hugs to all.