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I’m a big Slug

I’m on my own this weekend because Ali is spending the weekend at the Xena convention. I used to go but I burned out on it a while back. So I went to the movies yesterday. I went and saw “Arthur and the Invisibles” which I found charming. It says the characters are Patrice Garcia’s but they look like they are drawn by Brian and Wendy Froud. I love their artwork of faeries. Davis Bowie voiced the bad Minimoi and the character “M” looked eerily like him. Even if they borrowed a bunch from a ton of other stories I found myself charmed into their world and throughly enjoyed it.

I treated myself to lunch at Fuddruckers and a trip to Toy R Us for some of the Dragonology dragon action figures and a stuffed Wyvern. Then came home and turned on the heat and settled in with hot chocolate and a murder mystery. Today I watered after it warmed up and read some more. Tomorrow I have tickets to the Getty Villa. I hope it isn’t too cold out in Pacific Palisades. It supposed to be very windy and have a high wind chill.

It’s 27 degrees at 8 am

Wohhoo~ It’s really cold here, really, really cold for Southern California. And last night it was even colder and I had to open the window because I was having hot flashes. That’s just not right! My cat who is not a snuggler was under the covers. She never does that.

But I just glided down the hockey rink, err.. side walk and took pictures. This just doesn’t happen here. There is a reason my grand- granparents moved their families to California. My great- grandma said that living in Duluth was colder than Sweden where they came from and she was damned if she was living some place colder than there.