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You Are a Solo Thinker

You are strong willed and strong minded. You have the mental chops to get through anything.
You are proactive, and you try not to let anything slide. You avoid lazy thinking habits.

You have to tell it like it is. You are compelled to be honest, even when the truth isn’t popular.
You are driven and energetic. You always have your eyes on the prize.

My Mind is boggled

In another parable, possibly told by a Finn, two Danes, two
Norwegians, and two Swedes are wrecked together on a desert island. By the
time they’re rescued, the Danes have formed a cooperative, the Norwegians are
fighting, and the Swedes are waiting to be introduced. (Maybe that does say something but not enough.)

I’m still trying to comprehend what happened in Norway. It is so against the grain of normal Scandinavian behaviour. People associate the violence of the Vikings with the Nordic region but it really isn’t in character. You can beat on another neighboring country but not your actual neighbors and for all their reputation as the Viking hoard they were also fantastic traders and you can’t kill people you’re trying to sell to. (See Ikea)

Especially right wing Christianity, while 80% percent of the population of Norway is baptized into the Lutheran church only about 2% of the population attends church regularly and the Lutheran Church has never been a fount of revolution. Even Martin Luther didn’t really mean to start a new church, for Pete’s sake.

Having grown up in a family that was heavily dominated by Swedes ( A great grand mother, grandfather, his brother and three sisters and their spouses) I know a lot about how Scandinavian’s minds work and it isn’t fanaticism. My great-uncle was fascinated by guns and knives but was a firefighter and one of the first L.A. paramedics. Not someone that would use them against people. He was also in love with his Porsche for that matter.

The Nordic countries are more internally directed than external. That’s why they have a high suicide rate. They more often hurt themselves than others. And to massacre children is also against the grain. Children are really important and treasured because birth control is readily available they plan their families and children are wanted. Men have paid paternity leave in Sweden. So to go to a kid’s camp where they are supposed to be safe and having a good time is just about the most heinous thing I can think of. That freak of nature shot kids for an hour and a half before he was stopped. It must have seemed like an eternity and according to one survivor he targeted the girls because every time he fired they screamed so he could hunt them down easily.

I really, really do not understand and I bet the Norwegians are even more bewildered than me. This just does not happen there.