Surveys for my paper

2018 – Survey link –

2014 – Survey for Current Pagan Studies Conference – Facing the Dark

So here is the link to the survey for my paper:

Please pass it to any pagan you know that might want to participate. The focus is on pagans dealing with potentially fatal conditions of any sort, like cancer, ALS, Neuro-muscular diseases, Crohn’s disease or any other problem.

It’s anonymous and data will be treated respectully and only used for study purposes. I’m doing this because there are all kinds of papers on handling grief as pagans or after death but none that I could see about Living! as a pagan with disease

2013  In February I’m presenting a paper at the Current Pagan Studies Conference on Lesbiphobia. And yes, it is a real thing, there is discrimination against Lesbians. My study so far will be the perceptions of both sides.

Yes, I’m going to be trolling for these surveys for the next month. Fell free to share them about in your pagan community.


Lesbian only survey

Survey for everyone else

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