Archive | August 2006

Kismet or Karma?

Before Cam died about once a month I would do magic for people that are in my life to do well at whatever they wanted. I also used to try to remember all the people I had lost touch with and do the same with them even the ones that didn’t like me back anymore.

But lately I started doing it again and I also decided to see if I could find some of the people I missed. Earlier this week I finally found my first HP’s email address online and I wrote her. No answer, which was kind of depressing but oh well. Today I tried to find another old friend that I have tried several time before to find without any luck. Today I found him on his work website. So I shot off an email hoping that it was him because the picture was more distinguished than I remember him being. We all age I guess even if we don’t grow up!

Within an hour I had an answer. Even if this doesn’t work out it gave me such joy to find him ’cause I’ve missed him and thought about him a lot. I hope he is well! I’ve decided life is too short not to love as much as I can.

And to the lost ones (at least lost to me) all the best to you wherever you are. Jamie, Dara, Kristen H., Beth, Candy, Cathy, Misha, Annie, Joan, Carol and others, be well.


Fair Anxiety

Okay, I’ve been entering stuff in the L.A. County Fair for years and I’ve always won something. So why this year am I obsessing about whether I’ve won anything. Does it matter in the grand scheme of things, No. But I’m still obsessing and I never have before.

So at the opening bell next Friday I’ll pay my dollar and run but it’s still stupid. Why does it mean so much? The first year I didn’t even go out there til the last day and I won a ribbon for all 4 things I entered. I even got a blue ribbon for my fused glass piece of Stonehenge and three 2nd place ribbons for silver work, niobium and for a gourd drum I made. And except for last year when I didn’t enter because Cam was more in my thoughts and heart than making silly pieces of jewelry it’s been no big deal. Just something to make myself feel like I can still take chances and learn something.

Not this year, this year it’s important.