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  • Fri, 18:57: Just joined because they listed my first book. Pretty cool.
  • Fri, 19:03: Fyi if you follow thousands od people you don’t need to follow me. You won’t have time to read anything I have to say
  • Sat, 00:46: If you have been patiently waiting to share your ideas with yo… More for Gemini
  • Sat, 09:59: RT @AskDrRuth: And please people, don’t do anything silly like going outside during hurricane to have sex. Tell u’re friends you did it, …

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  • Wed, 18:28: RT @TheTweetOfGod: “Why is it so hot down here in Texas?” To get Texans used to what they’ll be dealing with later.
  • Wed, 18:33: RT @TheTweetOfGod: “Wherefore dost thou yet speaketh as though it were centuries ago?” Because it’s My preferred slang, thou blaspheming …
  • Thu, 00:49: It’s difficult for you to slow down enough to sink into your e… More for Gemini

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East Coast EQ

I’m sorry because it’s no laughing matter to people who have never been
through one before but the earthquake on the east coast and the
reaction of people is cracking me up. As Lucy Jones of the USGS out
here in Pasadena said we get a 5.8 about once a year so most
Californians probably wouldn’t have even moved for a 5.8. Here are some
helpful hints for you earthquake newbees on the East Coast:

1. DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE! I saw all kinds of people doing that on the
news. Glass bells out in an earthquake and then falls down. You run
outside and it falls on you. Not good idea.

2. Find a Californian and watch what they do if they aren’t complete
ninnies that is, most of us have the same earthquake reaction – we
freeze and calibrate the strength we feel v our past experience. If you
see a Californian dive under their desk. Get under yours.

3. If you are a woman you better have a change of shoes in your desk if
you are a high heel wearer, you may be walking down the stairs and high
heels a bitch when you have a lot of stairs to go down.

4. If you are a smart Californian by your bed you have a flashlight and
your shoes and a pair of pants. We made kids do this at Girl Scout camp
and I still do it. Earthquakes here happen in the early morning a lot
of times. I’m not wasting time trying to find a flashlight or my shoes.
I also refuse to sleep nekkid for just that reason I hate that kind of
surprises. Cam found out the hard way. The first time he decided to
sleep nekked was the night the Sylmar quake hit in ’71 and the
neighbors got quite an eyeful since he forgot he was nekkid.

5. Put your shoes on before you leave the bedroom that was also the
earthquake my dad walked into the bathroom barefoot and we heard the
yelling all over the house when my dad stepped on glass.

6. Be calm. It will stop soon, I promise, not as soon as you want it to
but it will stop. At least until the after shocks hit. Remember to

7. Text your family and friends. Do not call if you can help it.
Texting takes less bandwidth and is more likely to get a quick answer.

8. And if you do have to call, call out of state it also is more likely
to get through.

9. Have a battery operated radio and extra batteries for the radio and
the flashlight. Some one gave me a battery operated flashing light I
also have in my bedside drawer as a distress signal because you just
never know.

There now you can pretend to be a cool, calm Californian and not an
East Coast ninny.


I’m almost done editing my book and then when I can get Alison to the Burbank library I can upload it again. LA public library for some reason won’t let me upload but Burbank will.

I have a funny quirk I’ve discovered. I can’t let myself call it a book until it has an ISBN number assigned so my books on kindle really aren’t books to me because they don’t have ISBN numbers. I have no idea why and I get positively filled with joy when the little widget on Amazon assigns it to the paperback versions. It is at that moment it’s REAL not unlike the Velveteen Rabbit. Just seeing the dang number makes me happy. Next comes the part when I get to hold the book even in proof state in my hot little hand. Good thing the mail comes before Alison gets home so she can’t see the silly dance I do when that happens and that’s only a proof copy. Heaven knows what will happen if I ever see a stack of books in a brick and mortar book store. Wonder if I can still do a cartwheel? Maybe not.

The act of writing is such a solitary pursuit. Ideas that have been locked in your head and come out your hands and become electrons is a one person thing. It’s a whole different prospect once those baby ideas have flown into the big wide world. You hope people like your worlds and your self esteem can take a big hit in the months where you don’t sell any books. As if sales can define your worth, Not… but so it goes.

Writing is weird anyway, I seem to write more in the fall winter and spring. I find writing in summer very difficult. I know the dark times of the year were the traditional story telling times in Scotland and some where along the line my brain absorbed that. I should be able to write any time but it seems not. I also miss my laptop something fierce. Writing on the laptop was more like actual writing and writing on a sit and pay attention pc is more like work because story writing isn’t work it’s play. When I get a job again and I’ve paid people back the first thing I do is get a laptop again.

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  • Mon, 13:25: RT @JohanBruyneel: WITH vs. WITHOUT a Bike. Please RT.
  • Mon, 19:01: RT @tourscotland: Scottish Saying from Tour Scotland, ” Poor is the church without music ” ( Or the house without whisky )
  • Mon, 19:02: RT @tourscotland: Scottish Saying from Tour Scotland, ” People live in each other’s shelter ” ( Be a refuge for your friends )
  • Mon, 19:43: Yeah the cover needs work but it’s here! Whheeeeeee! Okay I’m easily amused.
  • Tue, 00:45: You might talk up a storm today, but being chatty is a useful … More for Gemini
  • Tue, 09:57: “@tourscotland: Scottish Saying from Tour Scotland, ” The Soul of the Gael is on the Summit of the Mountain ” maybe that’s why I love mounts
  • Tue, 10:07: Miss Kat’s School of Genteel Witchcraft on sale on Amzon. This the book for AFTER you take your Wicca 101 class and are cut loose.
  • Tue, 10:08: RT @BBCScotland: On this day in 1305 Sir William Wallace was executed in London. Wallace was captured after being betr…
  • Tue, 11:26: I was editing the story “How EarthLearned to Dance” and Ali calls and says there’s been an earthquake in VA. Whoops!
  • Tue, 11:59: RT @DepressedDarth: Relax East Coast of the U.S., that wasn’t an earthquake, we were just testing a new “project” we’ve been working on.

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