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Hopefully clearer
Hopefully clearer



Today I go for around the 10th MRI, I ‘ve lost count. I never was claustrophobic until about the 4th or 5th one. At least today it’s my knee and not my neck or head so it won’t be so bad because I’ll be feet first. Depending on what the MRI says I will either get to have surgery again on it or PT and a brace. I think I’ll take the second option. The first time was 15 yrs ago and no fun at all.

The first time I hurt it I was doing and hour or 2 of ballet a day and leg presses up to 250lbs. I strengthened the muscles and not the ligaments and tendons and pushed away from my desk at work sideways. The chair didn’t move and the left knee did. Tendons and ligaments 1, muscles 0. At the time I stretched the ACL, tore the hamstring, the medial lateral tendon, tore the meniscus off the bone and popped the knee cap to the right. That kind of hurt. Because when the surgeon got in there he found out it still had blood flow he didn’t do the menisectomy he had planned and instead did experimental surgery and reattached it to the bone. I went in thinking I was going the the Gay Games with my friends the next weekend and maybe compete to not being weight bearing for 2 months and having to learn to walk again. My new orthopod says it will be a simple menisectomy this time since it’s probably totally deteriorated in the last 15 years but I don’t know.