Archive | September 2006

Courtesy of Moontiger

The Goddess was just finishing up the creaton of the universe and had a couple of left-over things left in her bag of creations, so she stopped by to visit Ask and Embla on Midgard.

The Goddess told the couple who she found hanging around under the World Tree, “I have a few things leftover. One of the things is the ability to stand up and pee. It’s a very handy thing. I was wondering if either one of you wanted that ability.”

Ask popped a cork. He jumped up and begged, “Oh, give that to me! I’d love to be able to do that! It seems the sort of thing a Man should do. Oh please, oh please, oh please, let me have that ability. I’d be so great! When I’m working in the garden or tending the animals, I could just let it rip, I’d be so cool. I could drink all the mead I want and never have to leave. Oh please My Lady, let it be me who you give that gift to, let me stand and pee, oh please…” On and on he went like an excited little boy (who had to pee).

Embla just smiled and shook her head at the display. She told the Lady that if Ask really wanted it so badly, and it sure seemed to be the sort of thing that would make him happy, she really wouldn’t mind if Ask were the one given the ability to stand up and pee. And so it was. And it was… well, good.

“Fine,” the Lady said, looking back into her bag of left-over gifts. “What’s left here? Oh yes, multiple orgasms…”

I’m on beadlust overload because I got a huge order of beads last night and am too overwhelmed by the idea of beads to think of anything to make. Running large amounts of sparkly objects through the fingers either induces piratical feelings or magpie hiding mentality. On the bright side. the company intranet magazine was trolling for people with odd achievements and my boss submitted about my fair ribbons and about the BunniHoTep stories. Wonder how that’s going to go over in the hinterlands.

They are having a “Culture Fair” at work and a co-worker wants me to help with a Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender table and he thinks I ought to have my own table for pagans next to it. Nothing like outing yourself out of 2 closets the week before Samhain. I have to think about that.

But I do like sparkly things so maybe I will come home and make something outrageous to wear to work tomorrow. Or to wear Saturday?

Note to self: Do NOT get the Fish and Chips from the new fish place next to work again. My stomach does not like their Mexican version of F & C. Groan…