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Oh Hecate


Now is your time

You walk among us as the veil thins

Please be with your Priestesses

Wherever they may be

They are called to ease the loved ones

The ones that are choosing this time

To pass through the veil

Let them know what is needed

Be with their hearts

They are breaking

Be with the ones leaving

Ease open the curtain

Let them pass easily

Surrounded by those that love them

Let them know that love awaits them on the other side

Comfort those left behind.

Stand with them

Hold their broken hearts

Let them know that love lasts

And is not gone

It’s never gone

Only harder to see


Be with us at this time

We turn our faces to the veil

It is not our time

Heal our hearts

Let us know peace

Let us know there is no end

Only endless beginnings

Be with us and to the hour of our passing

Be here now,

I has POCKETS!!!

I’m wearing pants and it’s okay! That may not sound like a big deal for most people but I haven’t been able to wear pants comfortably since I had that enormous tumour removed in January. I refuse to wear dresses except maybe in ritual so as far as I’m concerned magical wear does not count and you can’t wear it to work.

What I have been wearing is leggings. I still can’t bear to have anything tight around my middle and the two times I tried to wear my jeans to work I was miserable. Sooo, I have been wearing LL Bean leggings which are thick enough that you can’t see through them and sturdy enough to stand wearing frequently since most leggings don’t. This meant I had to stick to tops that could go over the leggings and cover my butt and look work appropriate so I’ve been wearing very loose flowy long rayon tops that cover my derriere that I got on Amazon, the tops that is not my derriere. It is not available on Amazon.  The other lesbian in the department has been giving me shit about the leggings, at least once a week I’d get, “When are you going to wear pants?” I think the leggings just weren’t dykey enough for her.

I saw in the LL Bean catalog that they had pants for fall that are like the leggings and I got a pair as well as a long vest so I could wear shorter tops with the pants because tucking shirts in stretchy pants would just look weird.

So the first think I got asked this morning by a co-worker was “Do you have an interview?” which I guess translates to “You look nice, Why?”

Since I’m wearing a white t shirt over black pants and a long black vest, I thought someone would think I was dressing like Han Solo.

BUT THE BEST PART IS!!!!! I have POCKETS again! I’ve missed having pockets sooooo much. The worst thing about women’s clothes is the lack of pockets if only because sometimes you just need to put your hands in your pants pockets and when you can’t you can feel so naked. Healing is good!


I feel the need for an extra Flameshift


Brighid watch over us

May your flame light our way

Through the night

Through the storms

Through our tears

May your waters sooth and heal

Heal our hearts,

Heal our bodies,

Heal our minds.

May your forge make us strong

Strong enough to fight what needs to be fought

Strong enough to accept what can’t be

Strong enough to stand under the burdens we accept

Brighid, we burn your flame

We drink from your well

We are strong when we are weak because we have your blessing

We drink from your well to be healed

We walk in the mist following your footsteps.

We carry your flame with us and give to all who need it.

Brighid, we are your flames in the world.



Today’s reading



Seven of Stones 

After physical or emotional sickness a time of inner rest and rejuvenation is required. Patient and peaceful healing comes from a spiritual source. Wholeness after wounding. 

You are receiving healing, and need to reunite your re-energised ‘astral’ or spirit body with your physical body. 

Time to reawaken and ground oneself, using your visionary experience in a creative way in normal life

Goddess healing prayer

Brighid, hold her in her arms

Keep her safe and give her healing.

Kwan Yin, watch over her and keep her safe ‘

In your loving compassion.

Green Man, send her your clean healing power

Let only good growth proceed from here.

Athena, guard her brain and keep her wits sharp.

Let her thinking be clear and have no more headaches.

Hestia, keep her family around her safe

While she heals at home.

Artemis, protect her and give her your warrior spirit

Keep her fighting to get well.

Airmid, guide her healing

Give her strength.

Isis, let the Know of your sash works

Let there be deep healing magic.

Brighid prayer


I ask your healing for people that I love

I light a candle and make a fervent prayer

That healing comes to those I love

Let me be your flame


Let me your ears and hands here

Let me be the eyes that see those that need help

Let healing come through me

Let your waters flow through me


I let you use me for what you need to do

Not just every 20 days but every day

Let me be your flame

Let me be your well


Let me there for those in need

Let me go with a whole heart

Be thou with me

Let me be your flame


Let me be open to helping

Whether it be a baby duck

Or a human being

Let me be your hands of helping

Let me be your waters


Let me know when to let go

Let me know when not to step in

Let me know when beings

need to take their own path

Let me be your flame


Let me be your hands

Let me be your eyes

Let me be your heart

Let me be your flame

Let me be your flame

Let me be your flame

Kat Robb 04/07/2014

Healing prayer

Holy Ladies, Great Goddesses, Kwan Yin and Brighid

I ask healing from you

I ask your loving touch and graceful waters

To wash away the pain

To wash my wounds

To wash the healing through my mind and body

I thank you for your attendance on me

The candles are ever lit for you in my heart

And the your waters of your world wash around me

Bless all those who send healing

From their hearts, from their hands and from their souls

May they be blessed as they have blessed me.

I know that healing must be participated in as much as it is bestowed from you

And from those who heal in your names.

I allow my body and soul to soak up the energy and heal

I open my self to receiving your love and healing

I open my self to receiving your avatars love and healing

I open myself to healing.