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Today’s reading



King of Cups

The picture shows male and female reindeer as both sexes have antlers. Male reindeer rut in the autumn for dominance of the herd and the antlers are a potent symbol of sexual power. Fly agaric is also found at this time and the reindeer appear to eat this highly toxic red fun-gi and seem `drunk’. Some shaman drank the purified urine of the reindeer for its hallucinatory properties once the toxins had been removed.

Drawing this card denotes companionship, deep friendship.

A sharing of profound understanding, a mutual love of knowledge from the past. Possible creation of a home together, a sense of home-coming and enduring friendship.

Other than that, how was the play, Mrs Lincoln?

This was not the Friday morning I expected. I was having the best and most interesting dream. Somewhere on 5th St in Long Beach they had taken the neighborhood and changed all the houses into colourful, magical, age appropriate childcare or eldercare spaces, some were both. I was on a tour of the different houses, some decorated as faery houses. Others were spaces that had puzzles that would challenge people with Alzheimer’s to engage. We got to a house that was all about plants and the senses when a plant grabbed me on the arm and started to constrict and it turned into a nightmare.

This woke me up and I had to pee… badly so I flung myself out of bed in a hurry and stepped on the cat’s stomach who started to howl loudly. I made it to the bathroom and landed on the already cracked toilet seat which broke and tipped me a bit. Went to get the tp and only two sheets were left. Did I say I didn’t turn the light on and the cat was still complaining? Anyway, I felt around for a roll, got what I needed. At this point I guess I did something off balance and the front part of the seat went flying off in the dark.

I made it back to bed pulled the covers over and the alarm went off and I had a hot flash. I then remembered what day it was. NOT.THE.WAY. I. WANTED .TO.WAKE.UP!

I then got a bad case of the hiccups and decided to read my mail and found a comment from that homophobe in Australia, who calls himself a pagan name, Aquarianmist, while banging a Bible. All about how he couldn’t be a homosexual because he loved sticking his penis in vaginas which told me he either paid for sex or he didn’t give a hoot about the woman he was rutting with because no man who has good sex doesn’t pay attention to a woman’s anatomy specifically the lovely lotus known as the clit, her breasts and other sensitive areas. Sex for him was all about him and not his partner, if indeed he has ever had sex with someone other than a rubber doll.

Other than that how was your morning? It has to be better than mine. I don’t normally believe in Friday the 13th. It’s traditionally a lucky day in my family and I’m not Jacques DeMolay so it shouldn’t matter but after this morning?????