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Patience and prudence are the keywords here, although trust plays a large part in the process of crossing to the island where insights into your own unconscious workings will be revealed. 

This process differs from The Hermit’s journey in the fact that The Hermit makes a conscious decision to withdraw and contemplate the universe but with Reflection a surrender of will is required. 

Insights may come from dreams and meditations, but now is not the time to force the pace or drive on with a plan or desire until you have heard what your soul has to say about it and your bruised and wounded spirit has been healed. 

Be patient. Let the journey commence and awaken afresh and full of energy ready to deal with the world and the challenges it raises. 

When the foundation of one’s life seems to have collapsed beneath you, you can seek sanctuary in Reflection from the emotional intensity of The Blasted Oak. 

Reflection is concerned with sacred mysteries… 

In a reading this card indicates profound healing, a period of introspection, healing, immersion in myths and visions, stellar lore, conception, learning about yourself.

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The card chose
 The Lovers

On a personal level, love is a universal gift to the generous heart and the seeker will find balance through inner harmony and healing. 

Polarity is the key element in the natural ebb and flow of emotional commitment between two people. The Lovers also represents a positive spiritual force of creative emotional energy and the universal desire for harmony and peace. 

The creatures of the Greenwood revere and respect the rites of love as the force that ensures the unfolding cycle of creation and future emotional stability. 

Between the Lovers is the maypole, or living birch tree, once erected every Beltane. This represents the Tree of Life, spanning the three worlds. 

It is love that enables one to transcend the boundaries of these worlds, uniting the physical, emotional and the spiritual. 

In some ways this is a card of young or new love, yet to be tested by time

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  The Moon
The Moon heralds a time of inner transformation, initiation or awareness. This may take the form of a seemingly ran-dom situation based in the emotional or spiritual spheres, but your inner voice may have been whispering for some time and gone unheeded.

Now your soul brings into your physical world the symbolic keys to the collective human subconscious. This may take the form of a desire to explore or study a doctrine, philosophy or esoteric pursuit, or the wish to explore untapped sexual energy and experience a tighter spiritual bond with a partner through honesty and the expression of your hidden desires.

From here you can begin to wrestle with the concept that consciousness is not within you, but you are within the consciousness of the uni-verse.

The Moon in a tarot pack is really concerned with the dark moon, not the waning moon, but the true last phase of the moon, when it cannot be seen at all.

A shifting time of seething darkness in which new life and ideas can be conceived.

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  Green Woodpecker
Page of Arrows

The green woodpecker contains the sacred colours of nature – red, white, green and gold – and is known in folklore as a `yaffle’ because of its distinctive laughing call. It is said to hold the secrets of the Tree of Life, as it spirals up trees and disappears within them to nest.

Their drumming (pecking) on trees which echoes through the woodland heralds your entry to a place of the heart.

In the tarot the pair of woodpeckers look at each other, a third flying down the arrow shaped path, guiding you to love.

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Eight of Cups

By looking at the past, acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them, we grow and attain new wisdom. The future waits to be unfolded by our positive action.

The wheel has come full cycle. On one level this represents a solstice feast, a broth made for sharing. On a deeper level this card represents a profound rebirth.

Transformation in which all the elements of oneself are being poured in order to be recombined.

Focusing in the present.

30 Days of Devotion – Brighid — Sacred times

  1. Festivals, days, and times sacred to this deity

The best source for Festival and days of Brighid that I have found is a book called “The Silver Bough – Scottish Folklore and Folk Belief.” It’s a 4 volume set that is finally available on Kindle at a reasonable price which is a bit maddening since it took me about 20 years of scouring the book stalls at different Highland games to acquire all 4 volumes. And they weren’t cheap due to tariffs. I think I paid 40 bucks for one because it was so rare at the time. Kindle’s version is still in 4 volumes but you will spend $40 for the whole set. Even on Amazon the hardcover versions are almost $30 and they’re used.

Anyway, Volume 2 is the volume about La Fheille Brighde celebrations in Scotland or Imbolq if you must, that most people know about but Brighid also had a celebration the last Sunday in July. That was the feast of well dressing.

On the Isle of Arran, people stayed out all night on vigil and the well was garlanded in flowers and candles were lit surrounding it. It started as all Celtic/Gaelic holidays do on the night before.

In Scotland they tried to root out anything pagan or Papist which they considered virtually the same thing and in 1638 the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly laid down penalties for visiting holy wells and the practice went underground but things still sneak through in places like the Carmina Gadelica.  v

St Bride’s Charm – Carmina Gadelica

The charm put by Bride the beneficent

On her goats, on her sheep, on her kine,

On her horses, on her chargers, on her herds.

Early and late going home, and from home.

To keep them from rocks and ridges

From heels and the horns of one another

From the birds of Red Rock

And from Luath of the Feinne.

From the blue peregrine hawk of Creag Duilion

From the brindled eagle of Ben Ard

From the swift hawk of Tordun

From the surly raven of Bard’s Creag.

From the fox of the wiles

From the wolf of the Mam

From the foul smelling fumart

And from the restless giant hipped bear.

From every hoofed of four feet

And from every hatched of two wings,

When one is a Flamekeeper then every 20 days the 20th day belongs to Brighid and she tends the flame that day is hers, but that day is ever changing.

Today’s reading


  Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel has turned, change is at hand. In all nature there is a time and tide. The cyclic laws of birth, death, rebirth are ever-revolving and without change all things stagnate. It is how you deal with this change that is the issue here. Within the tangled and tightly woven fabric of chance you have the power to make a difference.

By your own actions you can change your own life. You are not a prisoner of fate, but an integrated part of it.

Remember! This is not a dress rehearsal. Life is what happens to you while you are waiting for it to begin!

Whether on the surface the change at hand appears to be for the better or for the worse, welcome it, be at peace with it and take control of your own actions within it. Remember, all things must pass.

Across the loom are spread the warp and weft of living green, stretching in all four directions out to infinity. These connect you with to the cosmic web, or the web of wyrd (fate) for your life is intimately connected to that of the living universe. At the base of the loom hang the loom weights. You are weaving the cloak that is the pattern of your life.

There is a process of interaction at work in this card and the mediators are the three cloaked figures standing at the lower right of the cloak. These are the three fates, the norns, the hooded ones who watch over your destiny.

It is important to know that your weaving is flexible, your destiny is not woven for you, it is an interaction; every one of your actions can affect a change in the design of your cloak at any point. It is never finished but is continually unravelling and being rewoven.

You may have severed the threads binding you to others for reasons of self-protection – these can be rewoven, carefully linking you to the abundance of the world (six of wands, Harvest) thereby avoiding unwanted situations (six of stones, Exploitation).