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Why I’m such a nut about the anti-vaxxers



This is me. My mom got the Rubella virus while she was pregnant with me because some asshat thought it was more important to go out when they were sick than to stay home and not give it to other people. IN 1954 there was no vaccine so you had to stay at home to prevent the spread of the disease. MMR vacine is Measles, Mumps and Rubella. I went to school with kids that were deaf and completely blind because their moms’ got Rubella.

If we don’t vaccinate then those days will be back and it will be totally unecessary.

I was lucky, I was only blind in my left eye with partial sight in the right. You can clearly see there is something wrong with one eye.

Because of the German measles, they gave my mom DES to prevent miscarriage and drug that either caused cancer in the children or structural defects, I got the structural defects and if I had wanted children that would not have been possible.

I was also born with other disabilities that I won’t go in to.

So if you don’t believe in vaccinating your kids or updating your own. I think you should be prosecuted for negligence at the very least and murder if some child dies because of your pigheaded stupidity and lack scientific comprehension.

No more kids need to be born with disabilities It’s entirely preventable. And by the way, getting the mumps sucks too! I remember having it and there a lot of little boys of my generation are sterile because they got the mumps as kids. Did you want grandchildren?

The picture on top was a few weeks after my surgery that restored the sight in the left eye and strengthened my right. However, the number one worst pain I have ever felt was when they took the bandages off in a dark room and shined a light in the blind eye. Why would you put a kid through that if you didn’t have to do it?