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Firm favorite, Olga, went on to win Gold for Team London in the final event in the 2012 Pigeon Olympics, the Wing Stretch. It was an amazing performance and no-one came anywhere near.

Here she is with her penultimate stretch:

And this was the final move that got her the Gold she so deserved:

Beautiful stuff.

So, that’s it. All over for another four years, and it’s been brilliant. Every minute of it. I was on my way to Stratford when I thought I had to post this. London ended up top of the medals table in the Pigeon Olympics. Total genius. Talk about inspiring a generation.

Right. Off to party. Don’t hold your breath for a post tomorrow.

Night all.

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Love them! I especially seeing the little alligator like ladybug larve!

Two Barn Farm

For some gardeners, the mere sight of aphids on their beloved plants is a call to action. They grab the closest bottle of poison and squirt the aphids into oblivion. What many gardeners don’t realize is that aphids are the food of choice for an assortment of beneficial insects. These good bugs are likely hard at work among every aphid infestation, munching, laying eggs for the next generation inside their unsuspecting prey, or sucking the aphid carcasses dry. One squirt from the bottle of insecticide will kill some (not all) of the aphids, and most of the beneficial insects.

If only we could easily tell at first glance that beneficial insects are on the scene! They don’t wear white hats or wave flags to alert gardeners to their presence. Instead, beneficial insects creep, crawl and squirm across our plants, often appearing as if they could be the cause of damage…

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Feminist Philosophers

Here. And as the Daily Beast points out, he does not mention the words “woman” or “mother” once.

Among other things, this essay also seems in line with a recurring Ryan theme: rights come from nature and God, not government. I’m curious if he, being Catholic, has ever read Thomas Aquinas. Particularly Treatise on Law, question 95, article 2. Perhaps the whole of question 96 while we’re at it.

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