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Fabulous Blog Award – It’s Fab It’s Rad

Thank you! The wonderful Poppyunderhill nominated me for the Fabulous Blogger Award. You can find the wonderful poppyunderhill here:

Rules for the Fabulous Blog Award
1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and share the link back to the awarding blog.
2. Name 5 fabulous moments in your life.
3. Name 5 things that you love.
4. Name 5 things you hate.
5. Pass the award to 5 deserving bloggers.

5 Fabulous moments in my life:

1. I’d have to say my ordination was number 1. I’ll probably never get married and I’ll never have a child so this was my transcendent moment so far. It was an amazing day and I will always treasure it.

2. This year when we, M, D, and the Heiromum and I did had our Druid ritual out in the Wildlife Refuge. I can’t explain why it was special, it just was. I hope if we get to be Arch Druids it was wonderful.

3. This birth of our coven eons ago, hard to believe it was back in 1986. I remember how scared we were to do it and how right it felt when we had.

4. Any last night campfire for the summer at camp but I think the one my last year at Pines was the most magical of all. Ever have one of those nights where the music is all perfect? And ll the friends you love are there. It was that night.

5. The first time I held my books in my hand when they came from the printer. It is an absolutely giddy feeling.

5 Things I love

1. My Temple of Isis-Los Angeles sisters and my Comma sisters

2. Writing and the feeling of a new story trying to get out.

3. My family – here and on the aethereal plane.

4. A good cup of tea and freshly baked anything I’ve just made.

5. Learning anything new and stimulating my brain. I love, love, love to learn new things.

5 things I hate

1. Rude people even if I can be one of them some times. I mean the people who do things like honking the horn when they lock their car. It isn’t that hard to turn off and in a neighborhood of apartments really sucks if you have insomnis.

2. Thieves – Some boys jumped the security fence the other night and stole the big gnome’s wheelbarrow. :-(. I’m contemplating a mirror spell.

3. Days when it’s 105. Cue picture of a melting witch.

4. Certain smells and not always definable but smells.

5. Not having a permanent job.

5 People I want to honour.

A whole lot of people have blogs I really look forward to reading everyday or when they post. And I really hate when I forget some one so forgive me if I haven’t named you.

1. The Ditsy Druid who is really anything but ditsy,

2. Intended for Use makes me think which is always good

3.Journeymaid’s blog

4. I love her blog about learning to be Dutch

5 Witching Wildwood, another great blog

I follow over a 100 blogs and there are so many good ones and so many great people with wonderful ideas.

Quick trip to check out the Getty Center Museum

I took myself to the Getty Center Museum yesterday in the hopes that it would be cooler than home which got up to 105. And because I couldn’t afford to pay $15 bucks for parking I parked at the Orange Line station on Van Nuys and took the bus there. In theory in worked perfectly. In practice the ½ between buses in the sun was almost too much even from the start. Thank heavens the bus’s ac was working. I’m also glad I drove to the station and didn’t take the Orange Line because the walk from the bus to home would have been too much. As it was I got in the house and drank a huge glass of ice tea that I had made before I left straight down and then took a cold shower.

It was hot at the Getty but not as hot as home was. I didn’t see everything and I didn’t take the orientation or the garden tour. Too many tourists per square inch. I was scouting for a trip for TOILA in September. I have to save something for then. I love the garden there but I think the Getty Villa is still my favourite of the two museums. Both museums are free but the Getty Center is easier to get to, the 761 bus goes right to the lower entrance from both the Valley and Westwood and it’s a short walk to the tram. The staff is helpful, in fact they kept approaching me and telling me where the elevators were because I had my cane. Some elevators I took others not. There is a lot of up and down and short steps because it’s built into the sides and top of a mountain peak above the 405 freeway. It’s built of white marble so it’s very bright. Bring dark glasses and wear good walking shoes. Most of the tourists were better dressed than the locals surprisingly. If you go down to Hollywood Blvd to see the walk of stars the tourists are definitely not dressed up. But there were a lot of ladies in nice sun dresses as well as people in shorts like myself. In 105 degrees there was no way I was wearing long pants.

I have to say that the views up there of Los Angeles were amazing. You could see sailboats out on the ocean on one side and all the way down to downtown LA. You could see the thunderboomers piling up against the back mountain range of the San Gabriels to the north too. I think I was more enthralled with the view than the museum. You could even see the vineyards of the Moraga winery. The only vineyard and winery in the city area, it’s up in Bel Air.

I hit what would be my favourite set of art first off in the North building which was European statuary which was a lot of Renaissance versions of mythology along with some really grim Madonna and Child interpretations. One has the most depressed looking version of Mary I think I have ever seen. I wasn’t so fond of the paintings upstairs while I loved Sir Dr DeGrassi’s renaissance art class I took in college these did not thrill me. I must have missed that part during a nap in a hot dark classroom. I still got an A all his classes but I will take the classical period over Biblical allegory or story any day or maybe it just says something about J. Paul Getty’s taste in Renaissance art.

All this drove me outside to the garden armed with a $3.00 bottle of water, a big bottle but an expensive bottle. Next time I freeze my own water bottle. I didn’t try the 2 restaurants and I didn’t bring a picnic, maybe next time. They allow picnicking on the vast green lawn and at the multitude of café tables.

I spent most of my time enjoying the garden and the fountains when I wasn’t looking at the view. The garden starts with a zigzag walk down and over a stream and is planted with flowers and succulents and ends up in wonderfully feminine water maze surrounded by a flower garden full of colour and butterflies and bees. It’s an old fashioned cottage garden with arbors and benches. It was just lovely. I somehow missed the sculpture garden next door. Had to leave something for next time.

I made my way through the West building which has all the photographic exhibits. The Herb Ritz exhibit is quite good and filled with more gay men than are usually seen outside of Pride or Folsom Street. I enjoyed the exhibit about Landscape photography the most. It had a small Ansel Adams I had never seen before, liked that one a lot but then nature and landscape photography was my specialty when I was getting my minor. I just wish I still owned by grandfather’s Leicas that were stolen. I would have loved to work more with 4×4 or larger negatives.

This building has something called the South promontory which is a long skinny extension to see more views and a small cactus garden. It reminded me of the promontory of Gondor in LOTR. It’s all white and sticks out into the air.

I went back to the North and East building but by then I was so tired and hot and it was time to go home. I only ever found one set of restrooms in the information building and I think that is the only set of water fountains outside of it. They had run out of the audio sets for exhibits so and there was a note telling people after 3 they would have some but it was after 3 and they still didn’t have any.

You enter on the ground level and then take an electric tram up the mountain to the museum. It’s so quiet there were two deer standing by the tram and they never moved. You can see traces of where the fire was a few years ago but most things have grown back. It doesn’t look like they’ve had to bring back the goats yet.

You can take pictures in the permanent exhibits but not in the traveling ones for the most part. The last day of “Heaven, Hell and Dying Well” was yesterday but I didn’t find it that exciting either, they have one starting at the end of August on devotional art of the Middle Ages I hope I like better.

I liked the museum and I’ll go again soon but I do like the Villa better but then I’m a classicist but that garden is the best part of the Center. I really would like to take the Garden Tour and watch the Orientation film next time after the tourists go away in September.


Some one has been sitting in my chair and they’ve messed it all up!

I’m feeling a bit like Baby Bear in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Ever since we stopped having overtime on the weekend someone has been using my computer and my chair. And it’s annoying the crap out of me.

I leave my computer off on the weekends so that any updates that come will be on my computer when I turn it on on Monday.

And the most annoying thing is that they adjust my chair and they are really short. I come in and sit down and feel like I’m sitting in a whole using a giant’s computer. They also move the seat back and I sit with it all the way forward because I have long legs.

I have a much envied seat because I’m the only non-manager on our side with a window seat.

It’s annoying the bloody hell out of me. If I figure out who is doing it I’m going to go adjust their chair and see how they like it.