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I guess I’m a Beautiful Blogger :::Blush:::

Thanks Raven’s Witch! Here is her Beautiful Blog

Okay now come the hard parts. 7 things you don’t already know and 10 people whose blogs I like. I follow over a hundred blogs. If I miss you at some point I’m sorry.

7 Things you don’t know (that I feel comfortable sharing anyway)

1. I’m a celibate witch and I have been since 1996 not from any religious reason really. It’s hard to find a pagan dyke who hasn’t slept with one of my friends and who meets my friend’s approval. And because I’ve gotten to enjoy my own company. And probably I’m just cranky enough not to want to tell someone where I am going and what I am doing and writing is kind of solitary.

2. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 26. A sin for someone growing up in LA

3. I seem to be able to only do one creative thing at a time.

4. I’m 7 books behind on the 150 book challenge this year.

5. I got the measles in 12th grade and proceeded to give them to the senior class who hadn’t had them. This was before the vaccine.
6. I was a Candy Striper in high school for 450 hrs.

7. We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here. I’m ashamed to say I voted in my first Presidential election for Nixon but I’ve seen the light.

Ten Blogs

1. Cin has 2 blogs I love, this one: &

3. Hillary’s travels :

4. Ramblings of a Hedgewitch – love her sense of humour:

5. Finding Subjects: Photography and observations:

6. Fieldstones wonderful invokations:

7. Witch of Howling Creek:

8. APOD : the Astronomical pic of the day :

9. This is a good friend’s blog who was also a friend of my late brother. He used to be in several Broadway touring companies and he is a wonderful story teller.