Archive | August 6, 2012

Warning! Crabby Witch Bitching!

Maybe it’s the heat or the tail end of the Mercury Retrograde or that I stayed up too late watching the live feed ustream of Curiosity landing or I’m just a cranky bitch this morning or that without overtime my finances are shit and rent is a scary thing again and we haven’t enough work to do and I soooo want a permanent job so I don’t have to worry but this really set me off.

Willful ignorance makes me nuts and the worst of the willful ignorance in pagandom is the phrase, I can’t be a Wiccan because…. This morning it was I can’t be a Wiccan because they worship different deities than Witches. Really!!!!!????? Which goddesses or gods have the velvet rope around them that only witches can worship them? That is so ignorant and offensive I don’t even know where to start.

Both Wiccans and Witches can and do worship the same deities, period. Do not pass go and do not collect $200. Deities are deities. There is no keep off sign on a deity no matter how exclusive you want to make yourself feel. There are no elite witches only deities, anymore than there are elite Wiccan only deities, only the Abrahamics function that way. Try again. Pull the other one. I don’t know about you but I go with the ones that call to me most of the time. I don’t think they care what I call myself. They wouldn’t care if I called myself a practitioner of Blue Butted Monkey Hoodoo, quite frankly. (I apologize to any practitioners of Blue Butted Monkey Hoodoo if you really exist.)

The other one I like is, I’m not a Wiccan because I don’t like, (use, practice, etc) the Rede, you get another, REALLY??? So you like living without any kind of ethical foundation. Oh you use the Golden Rule, try again, The Rede is just another form of the Golden Rule. Or is that you only follow the Golden Rule until someone pisses you off and then you’re gonna hex their ass. Well, goody for you but what if you are the one that caused the problem? What if your bad attitude made the person act that way? Do you think hexing is going to alleviate the problem, news flash! It won’t.

Cause and effect still work whether you decide you are a Wiccan or not. Y still will = y and x =x and solving for z won’t change that. Physical laws are physical laws and all religions work within those parameters even magical ones. It may be as simple as if you cut someone off in traffic someone else is going to cut you off. It may not be times three or times ten or any of the various permutations but if you put out negative energy you are going to get it back. Same with good energy.

Example: If you smile at a stranger or even someone at work or in the market , they usually will smile back at you. See, wasn’t that easy?

Or is it because you think Wiccans are all fluffy bunnies and you are a big bad witch? We aren’t and I dare you to tell Selena Fox or Macha Nightmare they are fluffy bunnies.

You get out what you put in. I hear a lot of “There is nothing beyond Wicca 101.” Guess what that means? It means you are supposed to use your brain and figure it out. This is a religion of personal responsibility. That means no one else is going to tell you how to do it. You have to think it out for yourself. It means you have to be a grown up. And yes, sometimes it means you have to reinvent the wheel for yourself but guess what you’ve been doing that all your life if you have been living authentically. If you’ve been doing what everybody else told you then all bets are off and I feel sorry for you. The big 3 religions are easy because they have rules, contradictory rules but they have rules. And their followers are obsessive about the rules that suit them. (See the gay marriage fight if you want an example. Married your brother’s wife because he didn’t have a kid? Didn’t think so? Have a few shrimp at Sizzler? Well, you get to get stoned.)

If you don’t want to be a Wiccan, fine but don’t use the above excuses. OR the one about witchcraft is a lifestyle not a religion. Really? any deities talk to you or get offered to? Sorry you just moved into the religious sphere. Don’t use an excuse for not being a Wiccan. Just do it and stop the excuses.