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Lets have some common sense – Shall we?

I have been watching the whole pop culture debate while I have had more important things like my Hierophant dying and having my job end but it has gotten so silly I have to say something. Does any one in the pagan community, as such have any common sense?


There have always been pop culture elements in pagan practices from ancient times. Homer was the pop culture of his day and he had super heroes like Achilles and Ajax. There was also Hercules. Those were the super heroes of their day and people did pay homage to them.


The Scandinavians have the Eddas or sagas and they are filled with the deeds of super heroes of their times.


The Gaels have CuChulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhaill for their super heroes.


In more modern times, the Church of All Worlds was founded on a Heinlein book and many Dianics found the Goddess in the pages of the Mists of Avalon. Some pagans came from D&D. There has been Klingon Wicca for over 20 years and Jedi since the Star Wars movies came out. Stargate got a lot of people energized over the Ancient Egyptians. Zhann could be the Green Lady even though she is blue from Farscape.


So getting your panties in a bunch over of Marvel comic super heroes is stupid and  just another step or pathway on someone else’s journey and who are you to judge? A lot of people in this world worship a 2000 year old zombie and they judge us? So why are you denying a path from your oh so superior view point when some one can easily deny yours for the same reasons?