Archive | December 18, 2015

Star Wars and other musings

Yay! I finished my Goodreads Reading Challenge for the year, 150 books. It’s still 27 books fewer than last year but I was gaming a lot this year so not as much reading got done.

Today is the work holiday party after work but I won’t be going. I’ve already been sick twice this morning and that would be tempting fate a wee bit too much.

I hope I feeling okay tomorrow morning  because I want to be able to drive up to Montrose and get a loaf of Limpa and maybe some Vort for Yule at our favourite Swedish bakery, Berolina’s. They only make Vort in December and if they have some lemon Danish, I’ll get those as well or Lucy buns since St Lucy’s day was this week.  But all that is a big if since I may just crawl into bed tonight and stay there. I’d love to take a walk up in Franklin Canyon or over to Descanso but I fear that may not be able to be done either. I hate being sick. I’m still waiting for precertification of my surgery. I want this over and done and that frigging tumour out but even that may not be much help if the cancer has spread and I have to start chemo and/or radiation.


I went and bought new pjs and another pair of the light fleece pants at Target and they were having a sale. It’s always nice when you have to buy something that isn’t in your normal budget plan and it’s on sale. Pjs at Target are 40% of at the moment if you need a pair and this pair of fleece pants have the Minions on them. I love the Minions. The other pairs I bought before have Storm Trooper helmets from Star Wars and a plain black pair and a red buffalo plaid that is also the Rob Roy tartan. Since Rob Roy is an ancestor, it’s all good.  I also bought a Yoda Oral B toothbrush because, well, it’s Yoda, it’s one of the battery operated ones and I just killed my last Oral B of old age. My sister got the Darth Vader light saber one that talks and lights up. We are such geeks.


I bought our tickets today for a Christmas Day showing. My brother would have been so excited to see this one. In 1977 when I was working my first summer at a Girl Scout camp my brother started harassing me to see this stupid movie. He knew I was a big Science Fiction reading fan. I’d started reading Heinlein in 8th grade in 1968 so he thought I would like and finally in July when I was on a day off he kidnapped me and took me to the Plitt theater over on the West side. It no longer exists but it was one of the first theaters with reclining stuffed chairs and cup holders. I was still under duress but he was paying and I wasn’t that into until those words crawled up the screen, “ In a period of civil war…” and I was lost.


The summer the second movie came out we came down from camp and saw it every day off. By the time the summer was over, I’d seen it 13 times and The Empire Strikes Back is still my favourite. When we acted it out over the summer I ended up Yoda. This meant I spent a lot of time in a bathrobe with green face paint and my elf ears. We had a water shortage that year so we couldn’t have campfires but we got around it by using our lightsabers in a tipi formation. The first lightsabers were very cool because they were long white tubes on flashlights and they came with an assortment of coloured gels so you could make them all different colours. You could tell who people were in the night by what colour the lightsaber coming down the trail was and of course mine was green.

I loved the Bill Moyers’ Joseph Campbell series

When I graduated at CSUN instead of Pomp and Circumstance we had the medal ceremony from a New Hope to receive our diplomas.

We went to Star Wars celebration when it was here in 2003.

When the prequels came out for some reason they opened in Pasadena at noon and I took the middle of the day off to see it and met my sister at the theater and then went back to work afterwards. The prequels were not as good as the first three but still it was STAR WARS!

I’ve read most of the Star Wars books over the years, We have the VHS and the DVDs and now we get to be there again in that galaxy far far away and listening to John Williams’ wonderful score once again. I just wish I could share it with Cam too.