Archive | December 8, 2015

Rough day today

I wasn’t going to go to our Faire on Saturday because I just can’t drive that far and not get sick sometimes but my friend Nancy offered to drive so we went. I only managed to make it to just afternoon when I started to feel sick but I collected a lot of much needed hugs. I should get the pictures uploaded soon I hope. Maybe tomorrow if I manage to get internet access somewhere. But I did have an absolutely wonderful time and thanks to Nancy for taking me.

Tomorrow I see the oncologist and I find out how and when this thing is going to go. They already registered my at one hospital but I’d rather be at Huntington where most of my drs are and I worked there for a short time when I was temping. We’ll see.

I’ve been feeling crappy all week and I paid for my Faire jaunt. I slept most of Sunday when I wasn’t in the bathroom. I cheated and took Imodium so I could go to Faire but when it wears off there is hell to pay.

Today I just feel like Jabba the Hutt. At least now I know where the belly has been coming from. I’ve been walking a lot over the last few months. If I take the bus around 45 minutes total for the day because I also walk to Starbucks at lunch and my stomach has been getting bigger not smaller. I guess something the size of a huge grapefruit can shove everything north. Maybe after surgery I won’t look like Santa’s clone.
Sepultura nominated me for the three day quote challenge again but it’s going to have to wait til I calm down after the doctor tomorrow

I haven’t been scared up to now. I’ve been very calm but today? Not so much, kind of crawling out of my skin and I haven’t slept well in days. Want to go make mimis, NOW!