Archive | September 22, 2015

Prayer for a Mercury Retrograde

Goddess, give me the strength and energy to survive

This Mercury Retrograde

Give me the patience of water wearing at a rock

The quick relentless energy of the red squirrel

The stick- to-it-veness of a lichen

The intelligence of the blue whale

The ability to rise from the mud of a lotus

The impassiveness when dealing with rude, stupid people of a redwood

The strength of an oak tree

The force when necessary of an octopus

And the ability to adapt of a chameleon.

Give me peace

Give me grace

Give me calmness in the face of exaggerated crisis mode

On the part of others

Let me be grounded

Let me be flexible

Let me have the ability to let things pass around me

And on to somewhere else

Goddess help me.


I hate Mercury Retrograde

I had a really bad introduction to this Mercury Retrograde. My car died on the 101 freeway at Rush hour at 60 mph. everything shut off. All of a sudden I was reading 0 miles per hour and I was coasting and no one would let me over until finally I could when the momentum was almost gone. The shoulder by the overpass at Reseda is miniscule and AAA wouldn’t answer the phone for 15 f***ing long minutes. They did just as the Freeway Service Patrol showed up.

By the time the FSP showed up I was a nervous wreck. I’d been watching how many cars travel down and over the right outside line heading for me and I was repeating the mantra “My car has 9 airbags” over and over. As I have stated before, very little scares me. Being stuck in traffic with cars coming at me at full speed even in the alleged slow lane reduces me to a state of abject terror. One should be able to look away from the rear view mirror but I couldn’t. Worst. Horror. Movie. Ever!

This was only the 4th time it had ever happened and it gets worse not better. Once it happened when my timing belt broke on my brand new Honda way before the mileage even came close. Once when some fool’s spoke wheel came off their Mustang in the fast lane and bounced up my fender and locked my front wheel and once in a head on collision caused by a drunk driver who hit the car in front of me and I hit  her as she came back at me like a carom on a carom board. I couldn’t even swerve because I was on the 710 just north of the port and I had semis next to me and behind me. So I had to hit her while literally standing on my brakes trying to stop. I just missed her baby in the back seat. Way to go from relaxed to a zillion on the terror scale. Luckily the semi driver behind me had watched the whole thing unfold and stopped his semi and angled it across the freeway to stop traffic. It probably saved all our lives and the drunk driver never stopped. I had been watching him since I had gotten on the freeway and had tried to stay far back but it didn’t help and it still happened and all three of us, the mom, baby and I are lucky to be alive because at 10 am on a Monday morning that freeway is wall to wall semis. I was a hearing rep then and had just come out of court because my case was cancelled, the guy settled or I wouldn’t have even been there.

I can’t even get my car fixed for at least 2 ½ weeks because this week’s check goes to the rent. Good thing the Orange Line take me most places but I am going to have to move this next round of medical testing until after I have a car because I have to have lab work first and none of the labs are easily reachable from the bus. So not happen but maybe scheduling after the retrograde is a good idea.

Is it my imagination or do migraines get worse or more likely during Mercury Retrograde?