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Domestic Violence Campaign Blackdot Affiliated With Men’s Rights Groups

For those thinking about supporting faux group, black dot


Or it’s just an attention-seeking campaign that has no real solution or plan to really do anything. Blackdot is a new domestic violence campaign that’s gotten a lot of attention lately. In fact, it’s Facebook page has gone viral. Their twitter is @blackdotcamp

However, I have some serious questions about this campaign because it won’t answer questions and a DV organization has refused to support it. Blackdot posted on Facebook that they’d answer any questions from anyone yet so far the questions on Twitter have gone completely unanswered. asks for questions

fb dv agency refused support
It seems Blackdot is more interested in attention than actually helping anyone. They tweeted Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, and David Cameron instead of say, local women’s shelters, and people noticed.

Attention seeking by tweeting prominent figures is a primary…

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