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The Battle of Prestonpans

Culloden Battlefield

On 21st September 1745 the Battle of Prestonpans took place between the Jacobite and Government armies. This battle is one of the most well know of the battles of the ’45 Uprising and yet it is estimated to have lasted less than ten minutes. So, how did this battle come to be and why was all the action over in ten minutes?

We begin on 17th September 1745 when the Jacobite army captured Edinburgh. The city gate at Netherbow Port was opened to let a coach through and seizing the opportunity Jacobites rushed the sentries and gained control of the city. The next day Prince Charles’ father was proclaimed King James VIII at the Mercat Cross and Charles entered the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Whilst at Edinburgh Prince Charles encouraged the city’s churches to remain open on Sundays and for normal Presbyterian services to continue as a show of the religious…

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Chapter 2 and now I’m even madder.

Chapter two and the I’m done with this shit

As I posted the other day, the international spiritual organization of my tradition is having a problem governing themselves since our Founder died.

I quit the round table the other day after dropping a bomb in their close-minded little pool on the other side of the pond. My co- Archdruidess, hung on for a bit after backing my points up. She also copied the comments after I quit and kindly sent me them this morning. She got called a troll, for Pete’s sake. Talk about a lot of shit about how they weren’t racist and we were the problem for pointing out the problem of benevolent dictatation.

Here are some of the excuses for them continuing on and not changing the way they are doing things.

I’m even madder now.

How many excuses did they use?

Minorities don’t have the internet, Uhh, Racist much?

The benevolent but we are open, they just aren’t here? Yeah you added them without asking just to be able to say you did and they got offended by your colonialist bullshit and left without saying anything.

“Lady Olivia welcomed everyone”, Yeah but you sure is hell don’t.

“I’m not a racist, I accept people with purple and green spots”? No, you don’t or you wouldn’t be so damn offended when someone of the white race points out the obvious racism by a bunch of old white women. You’d acknowledge the point and stop whining that someone called you on your shit. And you wouldn’t call the person that pointed it out a racist or a Troll

“But we invited every ethnicity, they aren’t commenting”. Uh, did you even notice when they dropped out? No I didn’t think so.

It’s really the Mercury Retrograde that is causing it, uh no, you were this way before I pointed it out, thast’s why I pointed it out in the first place

D – “you’re really stressed because of your partner’s health so you aren’t being nice and seeing how nice we are being”.

Americans are too sensitive???????

You are causing the problem because you are the one who brought it up?????

Kat- “you are sitting in darkness and not allowing the light to shine”, Seriously??? Are you fucking crazy? Do you hear yourselves?

Kat- have you ever travelled? do you know about enthnocentrism? Uh yeah. I have traveled and I was born and live in the US which in case you Brits hadn’t noticed we have a wee bit of a problem with racial tension. And in case you hadn’t noticed, you’ve had a few race riots too.

At least, I am aware that all white people have privilege and can commit unconscious and conscious offences. I know that all whites have to police themselves and that I have blank spots sometimes but at least I admit I can be stupid and apologize when I commit an offence. This is bloody ridiculous and really offensive to everyone that isn’t them. There are no excuses and we must try harder. We just have to.

I’m not even mad about the reaction to me as much as all the people (the other 20,000) that they are totally ignoring. My sense of justice and fairness is mightily aroused and it hurts my heart.

Effing A

Why Americans can’t write

The best class I ever had in writing we had to turn in an essay every Friday sometimes on the Professor’s topic. Sometimes on any topic and it really improved my writing skill.

Before graduation from CSUN in 1984 when I had gone back to school and there was a mandatory writing test of a 5 paragraph essay and my advisor told me 85% of the people who took it failed the first time so I should plan on taking it at least twice. He didn’t want me to put it off to the last minute. I did put it off ot the end and I’m glad I did because I really had no doubt I could write a 5 paragraph essay in an hour. Any native English speaker that is graduating from college or university should be able to pass it on the first try. My problem was keeping it to 5 paragraphs.