The Liebster Award

Thanks to the lovely Belle for her nomination. She can be found here:

 Answer the eleven questions your nominator posed to her/his nominees
 Write eleven questions to pose to your own nominees
 Pass the award on to eleven others
Now, my 11 questions:
1. When did you start writing?
I remember coming downstairs when I was about 6 to write a poem at the dining room table because I had dreamt it. I still dream a lot of what I write.
2. Green, orange, or red?
3. Sweet or salty?
Both, I love crackers or fries and ice cream
4. Do you think there is such a thing as Fate?
Not as most people understand it.
5. Karma?
In the what put out comes back way yes.
6. Have you ever joined a fandom?
A member of a Xena list since the beginning so, yes. And went to a lot of cons.
7. What’s the best movie you ever watched?
Lord of the Rings
8. Worst movie?
9. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
Almost anything except rap and heavy metal
10. Have you seen a shooting star?
11. What’s one big thing you’d like to accomplish this year?
Get a permanent job

11 questions

1. If there was one craft type thing you would want to learn, what would it be?
2. Morning or evening person?
3. Coffee or tea?
4. How do you greet the day?
5. Sabbats or esbats?
6. If you could wish one thing for a friend and have it come true what would it be?
7. What 5 authors living or dead would you invite to dinner?
8. For people my age, Kennedy’s assassination and the Moon Landing were defining moments in history, what are yours?
9. Plato, Aristotle or Socrates?
10. What was the best place you ever spent a summer?
11. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

11 Nominations

There would be more but I’m at B&N using their wifi and have to catch the bus home. Congrats I love all the blogs I follow. So here are just a few for the moment.

2 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Thank you for the nomination. Sorry if I don’t reply to the award early. I will get to it someday.
    Two thumbs way up for the Lord of the Ring! No question whatsoever, must always be included in Best Of lists. Which is your favortie from the three?


    • Two Towers for the Ents or Return of the King for lots of reasons, music, the meshing of the story lines. Of the books it’s the first one. And you’re most welcome. 🙂


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