Archive | August 30, 2005

Driving Rant- You have been warned!

Okay, I’m cranky especially after driving here this am. I swear people did every one of my driving pet peeves. In Southern California to drive along smoking out the window of your car is either supremely selfish or supremely stupid or both. I bet if one of them were arrested for starting a fire they would be so upset. Plus when the wind and traffic is right they stink up my car. Keep it inside and stink up your own car. I have to say most of my friends who smoke are the most courteous of people it’s those few morons with no brains and no manners.

Don’t make you own lane and pass everyone in the GD parking lane. I’m waiting for someone to slam into a parked car. Usually its a male teenage driver in a black car with tinted windows. I’m not aware of any revisions to the law that excludes cars of this description.

Don’t get in front of me and go slow. AIIIIEIEIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!

And to the gentleman who had a magazine in his lap (I saw him turn the page), Starbucks in his left hand and a hamburger in the right hand and couldn’t seem to stay in his lane, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING???

There was a lady who was putting on mascara and talking on her cell phone who also couldn’t stay within the lines. WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE DO BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME?