Archive | August 11, 2005

Cam’s Prom picture

Yeah, he went to the Prom
Yeah, he went to the Prom

I’m gonna get haunted for this.

In case, you haven’t gathered our family is not a very reverent one. We laugh at funerals more often than we cry. I got in so much trouble for crying at my Grandmother’s funeral. ” It was making other people uncomfortable”. Good Swedes and Scots that we are, the Swedish side always used to win at family gatherings. It was very clear that not even children were allowed to be anything but outwardly cheerful which is rather ironic considering how heavily loaded the depressive gene is loaded in Scandanavian DNA. There is a reason Scandinavian countries have the highest suicide rates in the world. Heaven forbid, you feel something in public. But I know I’m going to cry at Cam’s funeral and I can’t get in trouble from Mom ’cause we aren’t bringing her, besides the fact that only she would be allowed to cry.