Archive | August 19, 2005

I hate Fridays and I’m slowly going insane. Our new boss freaks every time she gets an email from her boss, who is actually very cool. She keeps interrupting me to ask me if I’ve done things that she has interrupted me from doing by dragging me into meetings to explain things she doesn’t understand. Arrggh! And now I can hear her in a conference call thru her office door and I can hear my name. Rassa frraasssa RRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrr.. Can I go home and catch up on my reading after we watch StarGate SG1?

Okay I did a LJ topic search for bears. There are beardykes. I don’t know whether to be intrigued or what. Who knew? I used to know the SM leather and lace crowd thru my exes but now my friends are pagan, granola types or science geek dykes, artists or they are all of the above. Guess I’ve got to get out more. Alison’s friends are the Farscape, Xena bicycle dykes. I remember when you had to be andogenous and go to the bar on Friday, the Cris Williamson concert Sunday and Brunch or softball or Girl Scouts Sunday. Guess the community has changed hasn’t it? And none of my friends look like the L’word either.



How would you like this staring at you in the AM? It’s a bit unnerving when you aren’t awake. I love her dearly but her stomach clock goes off way too early. This morning it was at 4:30AM. No way am I feeding her at frelling 4:30AM.

These may be red-hot but it’s at one of my favourite quiet pleces here, the Self Realization Fellowship gardens in Pacific Palisades. Maybe I’ll take myself there this weekend.