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time for something completely ridiculous

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Spaceship Name
Spaceship Size VW BugSedanJet FighterFishing YachtTractor-TrailerAttack SubmarineNuclear Missile SubmarineAircraft CarrierQueen Mary Luxury LinerManhattan
How is the spaceship piloted? YokeStickAs above, plus plenty of two-pole switches and buttons that light up when pressedTouch screensThere’s one guy with a joystick in each hand, and we all just watch himNeural interfaceA full-body harnessThe pilot must be suspended in gooSome inscrutible alien attached to the ship does itRock MusicMarvin Gaye’s Sexual PilotingThe main control is a teddy bear; piloting is by strategically hugging itPassive-aggressive banter with ship’s computerThe Time Lords or Somebody tells us where to goThinking really hard about the destination
How is the spaceship powered? FissionFusionAntimatterIrradiating CrystalsRock MusicCoal-fired SteamWood-burning SteamGasolineLoveForcing two people who can’t stand each other to make out on the bridgeBaby sealsSmilesDimensional AnomalyBy feeding the alien creature that’s the engineSexual FrustrationEarl Gray TeaMilkWaterGarbageTickling a member of an alien species while it’s hooked up to the reactorOstrich or Chicken Critters on Treadmills
What’s the upholstery like on the seats? Hard PlasticSoft PlasticCloth UpholsteryLeather UpholsteryCloth like a Louis XIV CouchThat gel stuff they put on bike seatsBeanbag chairsInflatable chairsVinylBaby SealBrushed Aluminum
How do you see outside the spaceship? PortholesLarge, hopefully sturdy windowsBig flat screenHolographic projector in center of bridgeSmall screens near each stationWristwatch TVsThe power of imaginationThe computer narrates like a movie for the blindThe computer sings an Australian songline
What’s the spaceship’s primary purpose? PleasureExplorationCombatCargo HaulingGarbage DisposalScienceAgricultureRaw Materials ExtractionTransportationCommunicationsSmugglingGamblingSpreading Love and HappinessRock MusicOther
What’s the Captain’s catchphrase?
Main Weapon System: Shredder Cannon
Main Defensive System: Magical Defenses
Chance of catastrophic failure at critical moments

Voice of the ship’s computer: sapphiresf
Finds mandatory uniform unflattering: carytown
Looks sexy in mandatory uniform: grizzlyjack
Ripped sleeves off mandatory uniform: castrowoof
Spends an unhealthy amount of time in the weapons locker: sapphiresf
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Saturday’s memorial was really weird for me, especially since I had a really good time, at least at the second part. Cam had to be mightily amused since Alison and I haven’t been in a church since dad’s funeral.

I have to admit I was absolutely terrified to read. Usually reading or speaking at rituals are no big deal but I got my cousin Stacy to make faces at me so I wouldn’t cry. She and Jon got roped into carrying fire at the service and wearing robes as acolytes. I tried to get them to take some earth and water with them since the water was already there but no go. But Stacy said she thought about doing it Sunday. I’m glad Jon’s wife Carol sat with Alison and I in the pew. Geez, why do they make family members sit in front? What happened to the booth in the back in the dark? Everyone sees you leaking like a sieve if you sit in front. Plus Alison and I weren’t exactly participating just being respectfully quiet. The second part was more like a pagan memorial. I loved meeting Cam’s friends.

It turned out one of mine was there and knew Cam. He knew Donavan, bigreddee. I used to work with him at Prudential where the out gay people were few and far between.

When I came out my lover and I joined Pasadena City College’s GLSU ( it was ’79 before all the extra initals) and promptly got dumped and gained a lot of gay big brothers. I realized that I have missed that energy in my life since most of them have gone to the big disco in the sky, mostly I miss Art, my best friend. He used to insist on taking me with him to cruise Griffith Park and wondered why no one would come up to him, silly man. Scott gave me the best gift. Cam had taken a picture of Art and I in the Parade and it was in one of Cam’s scrapbooks.

I felt very comforted on Saturday to know Cam had so many wonderful people loving him. I was really pleased to finally meet some LJ’er’s. Because I had read so many of your thoughts about Cam.

Thanks guys!