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Hint from Hera



Today’s reading


 The Lovers

On a personal level, love is a universal gift to the generous heart and the seeker will find balance through inner harmony and healing. 

Polarity is the key element in the natural ebb and flow of emotional commitment between two people. The Lovers also represents a positive spiritual force of creative emotional energy and the universal desire for harmony and peace. 

The creatures of the Greenwood revere and respect the rites of love as the force that ensures the unfolding cycle of creation and future emotional stability. 

Between the Lovers is the maypole, or living birch tree, once erected every Beltane. This represents the Tree of Life, spanning the three worlds. 

It is love that enables one to transcend the boundaries of these worlds, uniting the physical, emotional and the spiritual. 

In some ways this is a card of young or new love, yet to be tested by time.