Archive | November 19, 2015

Having your innards picture took

My friend , Nancy graciously was my designated driver Tuesday. I took her to breakfast at my favourite bakery Berolina’s (also snagged a loaf of limpa for my sister) and then we went to Descanso Gardens for walk,

Descanso is one of my favourite places on the planet. According to my mom, I’ve been going there since before I was born and I started taking horticulture classes there as a 6 year old. Nancy volunteers there so we got to go in with no stress and just walk. I haven’t been able to go in over a year due to the digestive problems and they have some brand new walks around the lake and in front of what used to be my classroom and is now a classroom again.

It’s so beautiful at any time of year that walking there is a real treat. The sycamores were just starting to change up there. At home down the mountain we started changing in August but that was partly lack of watering.

It was good to walk because I was a lot more relaxed when it came time to crawl into that claustrophobic tube. This time my head was out and they have a light on the ceiling that cycles through the rainbow. Two Xanax and earmuffs and I was good to go. I even fell asleep for one of the cycles when I wasn’t having to hold my breath.

For those who have never had an MRI, it’s not pleasant. You have to remain motionless in a tiny tube for long stretches of time and it’s incredibly loud. This one was 45 minutes long. That can seem like an eternity especially when you compare it to an xray or a ct scan.