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Our bodies, our rights: Virginity testing in Sweden

Girls' Globe

Virginity testing is a terrible violation of girls and women’s rights and bodily integrity that is currently being practiced in several countries around the world. The purpose of the “test” is to prove that the girl or a woman is a virgin, usually for the purposes of marriage, but sometimes also as a requirement for women to be considered for certain jobs. The practice has been known to exist in India, the Balkan countries and in the Middle East, but recently the Swedish TV4 broadcasted a documentary on how virginity testing is commonly practiced in several Swedish medical clinics.

Not only is this practice a gross violation of girls’ rights, it is also medically inaccurate. It is  impossible to tell reliably whether a woman or a girl is a virgin or not. The commonly believed claim that an intact hymen indicates virginity is, in fact, completely wrong; there is no way to…

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