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Mary’s Playlist

Mary’s Playlist

All that we let in – Indigo Girls

Ancient Mother – Robert Gass and the Wings of Song

Heart to Heart – Cris Williamson

Sisters, now the meeting is over – Libana

Sister – Cris Williamson

I will be gentle with myself – Kate Marks

Deep Peace – Bill Douglas

Lullabye – Cris Williamson

The Last Watch – Stan Rogers

Turn, Turn, Turn – The Byrds

I’m already there – Lonestar

You’ll be in my heart – Kenny Loggins

Deep Peace – Libana

Women of our time – Judy Small

Seasons of love – Rent

May we dwell in the heart – Robert Gass and the Wings of Song

Bi Thus A Mo Shuile – Maire Brennan

Keep me in your heart – Warren Zevon

Caledonia – Dougie MacLean

Follow the Light – John McCutcheon

We are not alone – John McCutcheon

At the Moment – John McCutcheon

Amazed – Lonesta

I know that Mary loved some of these but these I’m finding comforting at the moment because they remind me of her.