Could the tide be turning? Trans-gender-critical voices make the New York Times


Finally a bit of balance in the mainstream press. Mark Angelo Cummings AND Dr. Margaret Moon are pushing back on the early transition meme, in the New York Times no less. So far, reader comments are running strongly in solidarity with those of us who criticize child and teen transition–on all four opinion pieces (Dr. Norman Spack and Skylar Kergil are arguing for early transition).

Nearly all the commenters are saying basically the same thing: We all changed our minds about big things when we were young. We thought we knew. We didn’t. A child deciding to be the opposite sex should be seen no differently. Kids and adolescents should not be making permanent, body-and-mind altering decisions.

Mark Cummings:

Dr. Margaret Moon:

Please see my two previous blog posts on Mark Cummings and Dr. Margaret Moon.

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