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27 Interesting Facts about Words

Interesting Literature

Fun facts about words and the English language

The stuff of literature is, of course, words. As Samuel Taylor Coleridge observed, ‘Prose = words in their best order; – poetry = the best words in the best order.’ In this post, we’ve gathered up 27 of the best facts about words that we’ve unearthed since beginning this blog a couple of years ago. Where necessary, we’ve provided a link to further information.

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The word ‘onomatomania’ means ‘intense mental anguish at the inability to recall some word or to name a thing’.

A ‘dysphemism’ is an unpleasant or derogatory word or expression substituted for a pleasant or inoffensive one; the opposite of a euphemism.

Though of uncertain origin, the word ‘bad’ may stem from the Old…

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Transrace is the new transgender

Privilege Denying Tranny


Thanks to the brilliant woman who made this.  Apparently, genetic difference between male and female: 2% (Y chromosome) Genetic difference between races: 0.1%
so why is race immutable but gender is not?

me so asian me so asian

Yes, some dude really had surgery to look Asian.

If idiots believe a man can be a woman than someone can be trans race by their logic.  I for one can’t wait till  animekin and otherkin take a stand for their rights as cartoon charaters/animals,( fictional or otherwise) trapped in the wrong body. FUCKING FREE FOR ALL!

stop sitting on my invisible tail please. stop sitting on my invisible tail please.

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Today’s reading


Three of Wands

Nourishment from a spiritual source that gives inner security and joy. Goals and desires reached, making life rich with emotional security and a sense of completion.

… the blessing of fulfilment. The healing radiance of the afterglow created after a loving polaric interchange.

This energised peace does not require another person, it can be achieved after an act of Creativity or Joy.