Archive | August 6, 2014

Your camp song for the day:

Rounds sung together

Rose, Rose, Rose

Will I ever seen thee red?

I will marry at thy will,

Sire, at thy will.

Ah, poor bird

Why art thou?

Singing in the shadows

At this dark hour?

Won’t someone please

Throw a coin to me?

I am just a poor boy

Begging in the streets

Hey ho, nobody home

Meat, nor drink, nor money have I none

Still I will be merry

Hey ho, nobody home

And on the darkest night

My love she comes to me

Music surrounds us

The wind, the pond, the trees.

Today’s reading


The Moon
The Moon heralds a time of inner transformation, initiation or awareness. This may take the form of a seemingly ran-dom situation based in the emotional or spiritual spheres, but your inner voice may have been whispering for some time and gone unheeded.

Now your soul brings into your physical world the symbolic keys to the collective human subconscious. This may take the form of a desire to explore or study a doctrine, philosophy or esoteric pursuit, or the wish to explore untapped sexual energy and experience a tighter spiritual bond with a partner through honesty and the expression of your hidden desires.

From here you can begin to wrestle with the concept that consciousness is not within you, but you are within the consciousness of the uni-verse.

The Moon in a tarot pack is really concerned with the dark moon, not the waning moon, but the true last phase of the moon, when it cannot be seen at all.